Friday, January 08, 2016

Swimming Thursday 7 January 2016

Kids wanted to swim eventhough it was 30-mins more to Maghrib! How can one say no to these faces ! #MaisarahTubeTV #MikaelGamerTV

Salmon GB 2 January 2016

Everything that went wrong - did go wrong! Late deliveries as cutting was delayed - late pickup due to a car broken down but everyone got their salmon by 5pm!!! Sorry peeps!

Little Botz Academy evening

It was a weekday evening and the kids was suppose to head to Little Botz Academy earlier at 3pm but they stayed back and waited for me to finish "work". So dinner in car, and 9pm, here's M&M making a "light saber". 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Le Meridien buffet 50% offer

Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY 2011

Day05 and still going strong. Got a popiah lunch party tomorrow and having some guests over for late tea/early dinner on Day06 and Z's family on Day07. Then meeting up with friends on Day09 and an aqiqah on Day13. Apparently chap goh meh (Day15) is a public holiday.

Anyways CNY 2012 is the most travelled CNY according to my mum. Here's where we went thru CNY 2011.

Day01: Klang, PJ Auntie, dinner in Klang (leftovers from reunion dinner)
Day02: Berkeley, Setia Alam and Paragon Heights, dinner in Putrajaya Seafood
Day03: Sg Nipah, Seremban and dinner in the middle of nowhere - lol!
Day04: Setapak, PV6 and dinner at Hj Sharin Low @ Ampang
Day05: Banting and Bagan Lalang for the beach and steamboat dinner at Sepang Goldcoast


I guess the photo speaks volumes about the week that passed but there's another week to go for CNY 2012! Happy Chinese New Year to all and do drop me a comment just to say hi - would like to know whether anyone is still/actually reading :p thanks!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

They say keeping a log keeps one's life longer

Been reading a viral post about how life can be prolonged by eating:
1. Fish
2. 80% of your food served
3. Keeping a diary/log

And now with the advent of technology and a slight delay in a native iPhone app, one can now update blogspot compared to how Wordpress and the rest had native iPhone apps much much earlier.

Anyways today was rather eventful as my BIL visited and my in-laws returned to KB after staying over at our place for 3 nights (which is rather rare) so we and the kids were fortunate enough to spend a couple of days with tokwan and Tok ayah ;-) also managed to do some Ikea shopping while at it too.

And we had sup tulang special at Janda Baik which is always a treat considering the journey and RM10 toll to and fro.

Fingers crossed to more updates on this space ;-) Do drop me a comment if anyone is reading... Maybe it isn't updating cause no one reads my rants anymore...?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mikael and Maisarah's 1st bus ride. 2nd train ride for Mikael

Our ride took us to UIM from Gombak station and back. Mikael enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the bus. Especially the roaring of the engine, the driver, the door opening and shut, and the bells on the bus when the passengers sounded it to alight the bus.

Family picture. Mikael looked rather confused and worried. Kept saying "scared scared" when the bus first started moving.

Maisarah can sleep about anywhere these days. Even with the hot humid and sunny Malaysian weather. All sweaty here :D

Mikael observing the train tracks and the loud sounds the screeching of the LRT made whenever it took corners.

Happy Maisarah with Mummy Z on the LRT. Maisarah's 1st LRT ride.

Mikael still looking rather confused and "new" to the morning train ride.

Sunday, September 26, 2010