Monday, December 12, 2005

What a busy yet relaxing weekend

What a week. THK. T&A getting registered. Friday night dinner in Alor Setar. 100kgs of food from Westin. And sleep, sleep, zZzzzZzz on Sunday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Project DONE - now have to look for something else....

Looking for a new project... Hmmm... cup holder for car. Interesting. Lemme think about it ;) Hehehe... gotta think about the right materials to use. Do u want it to cool ur drinks as well? :)

Anyways, just an update of the finished product which I spent RM4.40 for musking tape, blade, and free cardbox boxes. Luckily I didn't spend RM200+ for a real thing.

Besides, if u notice the last pic actually shows a golf ball. And yes, it does refund the golf ball once I've managed to putt the ball into the hole - where else would the ball go into?! :P

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My new project - to get my hands dirty & occupied

Dirty - dirty - wipe - wipe.
Commercial release date: 30 Nov 2005 ;))
What does it look like to you? Car ram? Beer mug holder ;)


It's actually my very own homemade, golf putting green. I guess it's just my shear determination that I can do stuff with my hands! Other than created beautiful words and marketing proposals in powerpoint presentation :D

Besides, a buy-off-shelf putting green would probably set me back approx. RM200-300! Boy, I rather make one than pay through my nose for something that expensive. But I guess, others trying to improve their putting would probably do so...

Wish list, anyone? I doubt you would want a handmade putting green :P Handcrafted to perfection by feichai...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stolen wheels!

Can you imagine. On a Tuesday morning. Car parked behind mine. Got both his rimsss & tyres jacked! The nerve of some people. To imagine my car was parked inches away - yeah yea - I heard you "How would want to steal my rims right?" Smart a**!

I mean, if you would to steal, 1 tyre & rim, at least the poor victim could use his spare and get to work.. but the cheek to steal all 2! A bit too much. Lucky I wasn't the victim... :)

To imagine, I overheard a colleague saying that rims these days could fetch up to RM1,500 EACH!!! Geez, I would rather just buy a new 3G phone :P

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Only rich people have all the luck!

Rich people. Rich is defined as,rich in cash. A stereotype statement some might say. But i sincerely believe and given the opportunity to be rich,one would be able to be exposed to a lot of things in life,and at an early age,i might add! Look at all the possible things a rich kid gets (the series Orange County is a good example) and can u imagine the exposure he/she gets in life! Let me quote
an example...

How did u get exposed to a computer? Did u get exposed to it at an early age? Well,that's cause ur parents were rich & had the foresight to buy one,hence,u were exposed to it. Now,imagine someone in the most rural parts of Africa, who haven't even seen a screen,let alone a computer monitor...

How lucky we're indeed. To be blessed to have it all.

By these "exposures",i've seen tons of my friends,colleagues and family excel in what they do at an early age.I know a friend who's had IBM machines & started programming since 5! Exposure again! It's an understatement but he's now one of the linux gurus :) You know who u are *winks*

Then, there's another who had Times Magazines, Business Times ready available at a tender age of 12! It's no wonder that he's quite a successful entrepreneur of this age. To imagine i was still fishing in muddy drains for eels at the same age!?! Haha!

Then, there's the one who stared ready National Geographic at a tender age of 10! And he read it religiously. What an amazing walkin-English-dictionary he is today. Remarkable fictional story writer even in those secondary days!

And lastly, those who had a WORLD MAP as a globe or jigsaw puzzle at young age. Amazing! These are the ones who have very open minds till today & who's travelled, to say the least, who have had their eyes open to the world at a very young age. I often ask myself how could i've afforded a globe, let alone a Malaysia map, if i wasn't at least,a "little" rich...

So, the more important question would now be... How rich would i be to my kids...? And how much things would i expose them to. If u ask me, i would say, EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! How would one know whether he/she likes brinjals,for instance, if u haven't tried it at least once.How would u know u like the color blue,if u haven't seen, smelled or touched what play looks, smells and feels like. So... Money = Richness = Exposure? I totally agree..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Funny.Was just thinking while on the way to work this morning.
Question: Why is it that everyone can always be on time for the movies BUT never be on time for work or meetings? Work versus Entertainment. Chore versus Paid services. I guess it's because of the fact that we pay to watch a movie at the cinemas...? But what about the other person's time? When he/she waits for you for a meeting? Isn't his time worth more than the $10 ticket you rushed to buy so that you wouldn't miss the trailers & the caramel popcorn. Weird huh,don't you reckon...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Food food food..

I wonder whether I should just change this to a food column ;)

Hahaha - considering the fact that everyone says that I am either 2 months pregnant or was a 3 months. I forgot ;)

I really should start dietting ... tomorrow ;)

A little background on the pic - it's taken in Swenson, Sungei Wang Plaza. It's actually their signature dish, Apple Crumble which was so sinfully delicious! Served on a hot plate, the waiter dozed fresh milk over the ice-cream and apple crumble and we watched it sizzle away while fresh green apples were tossed beside the crumble. Feeling hungry ;)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Super-cheap lunch in Wangsa Maju

Who would imagine we could get 4 dishes of economy rice all for a super-value of $3!! And rice so much that it would be falling off the plate! If u think that's cheap,wait till u hear about the free soup & chinese tea(with ais) which is self-serviced thrown in!All for 3 bucks.

Just a few feet away,there's another value for money stall which sells jambu batu(English translation anyone?) for freakin $0.50 ... I'm speechless... Talk about inflation,and i'll be glad to bring you to my newfound neighbourhood =))

Monday, October 31, 2005

What do you hang in ur cars?

Was driving to work this morning and I noticed grapes - thanks goodness it was plastic ones, hanging just under the rear-view mirror of a neighbouring car beside mine.

I have also seen lotsa cars dangling dice -- namely two units of dice and lotsa funny other objects, mostly fruits. I have also seen a bunch of bananas.

Was just curious and wondering what's the fuss about all these dangling items and what significant meaning it brings to the passengers of the car and driver!?! Freaks!

Cybercare Idols 2005 @ Rumah Hope

It was truly remarkable to have been at Rumah Hope for almost 8 months with Cybercare, in support from Lions Club. To have the kids express themselves in style, all dressed up, facial make-ups, costumes and having them sing their hearts out for our very first Cybercare Idols!

Many thanks goes out to all the committed animators - Yuk Wai, Alex, Wai Meng, Janice, Anu, another 2 which I don't know their names, Chia Ling's friends, some old timers, Soong's friends (Joyce & company - for showing up, which I can't find your photos to prove you guys were there to support the kids (i think Krishnan must have deleted those photos :P)), Kazzielah & Ian, Siak Teng, Dimsy and the wardens,esp. Sunny & Jacob for making the kids express themselves. Not forgetting Eng Eng, the trainer to us animators ;) It was truly remarkable to have working adults commit to the function of this program.

And to the kids. Which we have had so much to thank for for all the participation & perseverance, eventhough having to deal with Si Wen & Kasturi leaving the homes for good. I would like to congratulate Suren for being Cybercare 2005 Idol, where he performed a number by Linkin Park by singing and dancing to the beats! And our long-legged sexy Kasturi for Ma' Baker's song & a short fashion show. You kids did great! Applause goes out to every single kid at Rumah Hope for voting and have the courage to stand up in front of an audience and perform. In no order what-so-ever; Methelin, Themoly, Steven, Michael, Peter, Daniel, Si Wen, Kasturi, Suren, Krishnan, Lucy's sister, Lucy & Raja. You guys are all winners in my heart.

Jerry too popped by from Monforts to cheer on the crowd! Let's not forget the performances by Kaz, Wai Meng, Timothy, the 3 indian dancers + Raja and a guitar number by Yuk Wai, which touched us all, which was dedicated especially to Kasturi and gang for their courage to put aside their sadness for Kasturi leaving that very night. All rising up to the occasion and yet still put on a tremendous show! Oh did I forget Steven and Si Wen's duet dance performance which rocked the crowd!

It was a night to remember. I leave you with some images from the idols 2005 ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

MY "typical" Saturday

What a "typical" Saturday. In fact, my weekends are much more hectic than my weekdays - but I love it!

Here, you see me waking early for a function to commemorate Worlds' Peace day organised by the Baha'i group. Performaces by youths with Kevin Locke and his 28 hoop dance

as the highlight was truly worth waking up as early as 8am on a Saturday! The Actors Studio Bangsar provided the avenue for these entertainers alight. There were youth groups from Soko Gakkai,

Indian dancers,

and their very own Baha'i "Stomp-like" dancers.

Christian group performing Pink-Panther in style...

After a marvellous start to the morning, I had to excuse myself and headed straight to Rumah Hope without lunch. Steven was waiting for me to arrange a costume for his performace on Sunday night. So off we went to a costume rental shop in The Mall. Mikaliya, I think that's the name of it ;) He was gonna be a Sultan for the day! Wipee! Here we have Steven picking out his costume for Cybercare Idol ;)

ZzzzZzzZZz.. That was followed by the heaviest Japanese buffet I even had in my life. Thanks to new found friends and colleagues - we were off to Saisaki in UOA II for a buffet dinner. Let's not forget the car park that we were trapped in! :P Now, if only I can find my photos where Amber, Simon & myself were trapped in ...

What a typical Saturday this was...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Food, Can I have more - Vegetarian @ Cheras ;)

It's one of those days where the boss isn't around ;) And we sneak off to lunch in some faraway place. Naturally, I'm often the "company-driver-for-luncheons". But, good food, why not ;)

This time around, we stop by at a famous vegetarian outlet in Cheras. As usual, our dear newly wedded wife Mrs Lim who's a full-fledge vegetarian eater introduces and pre-orders our phone way before we get there ;)

Here we see a 4-king dish, it's actually brinjals, lady's fingers, petai & 4 anchor beans? Ommm, delicious! All this thinking of food is making me hungry again..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Bram Cohen @ BitTorrent
Amazingly fresh article on how a man can change an entire world of 45Million downloaders. Amazing feat for a little man, with Asperger’s syndrome.

Also, apparently, Soduko or Sudoko is getting quite a reputation. Haven't had time to research on where it started and bothered to find out why is it so additive.... but apparently, it's just "another puzzle" for Cohen.

For those of you who don't know how Cohen is, he's an eccentric person with deep understanding to live, great values and the person who created Bit Torrent. No no, not big waves in the sea, but on the Internet, which you surf on, not literally though.

8.5Million as a startup. And BC's not even bothered whether BT survives?! Know why? Cause it's just "another" piece of puzzle that he managed to solve. Life's lil' mysterious...

Amazing insight. I wish I could be more like him. As for now, it's trying to solve a car battery which can't seem to last more than 24 hours! Oh well, back to the drawing board! So much for trying to solve the WORLDs' issues :P

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Life: Present and Future

Life is indeed such a wonderful thing. God given, unexplained, parents brought me here, the stork dropped of the package, or the ever famous phrase: "Err, my parents picked me up from the pasarmalam (night market)?!"

Life has always been a puzzle to mankind. At least, for now, it's puzzling to me as well. "Why am I here?", "Is there a reason for me being here on Earth?". All sorta questions rambling on and on in my head, often without an answer. And most of the time, it's when I am either walking or driving, when's there's nothing I can actually do (with focus) other than THINK. In this case, QUESTION. So many questions left unanswered. I guess everyones' the same - we all have these questions in our heads and minds that are left unanswered, unattended to - maybe - we are just procrastinating, too busy or simply not bothered. Others probably too contented with life.

Well, as for me, I am always bogged down with new things. And with new things (eventhough it brings new "challenges"), comes unchartered territories which I am not sure what the next course of action will be. And how to react to things. Being afraid to act and disappointed in not having results nor delivering results also makes the whole thing bigger in proportion! Lost me already. Well, trust me, everybody gets lost sometimes!

FEAR. Someone once said that we all live life in fear. Live life in fear. We fear our parents when we were young - that's why we take out the garbage and sweep the yard, fear our teachers - that's why we complete our homework, we fear our bosses - so that they don't sack us and scold us in front of our clients, we fear God and lastly, we are afraid of ourselves. Afraid that we might be too rich and famous? I fear not. I think it's fear there's no us. Ego, in that sense. 3 little alphabets that cause civilizations to kill, murder and rape just for power and ego. How small a word can make a world we live in today, full of fear.

It's sad that many like myself; compare, compare and compare with others what others have and what we don't. Until, 1 fine day when we realise that there's others that don't have what we have. There's a saying that my friend truly lives by "Don't question why my shoes are ugly, imagine someone without feet". At least it sure sounds like that. So why compare? When we stop comparing, that's when compare changes to contentment. Something no one can do in this world. No one. It's so difficult to be contented with even ourselves. Remember the last time we went shopping and wanted to buy ourselves that nice little thing all for ourselves. Still want it? :) And even after obtaining it, it's still not enough. Sigh. Double sigh. And what about whenever we check ourselves in the mirror and realise there's this small hair / zit right abou t there. Don't we wish we were the handsome David Beckhams or Posh Spices of this world. Maybe not all.

It's just with a heavy heart that I would like to share my discontentment. Discontentment about myself, with myself. Many has said that my expectations of myself far exceeds anyone else without the same time frame. That I am over-stressing myself. But that's me. That's just me. Hmmm.. meditation called for. Does swimming-meditation count?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Testing testing 1234

Here's testing my blog and how to blog from email to blogger

Photos of me

Secure toilet!

Thought I share a piece of my photo collection. It was hidden somewhere in my DELL. This photo really amuses me. To think that people actually steal toilet rolls really saddens me. But what to do, toilet paper's quite expensive nowadays ;)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Mobile sphere - Love of my life

Truly remarkable. Unbearable stress and deadlines. Juggling between servicing phones, marketing plans & proposals, technical issues, 3G, customized Celcom Nokia phones - Nseries, training and weekend roadshow, etc. It's tough, stress-filled, but I truly enjoy what my plate has to offer.

For those who hasn't been in touch. I have moved outta Setenang and into a new place. Attached above is my humble room ;) in Wangsa Maju, section 10. It's about 15 mins to work, which I truly enjoy the benefits of living nearby and not having to travel so far / long to work daily. Apparently, stats have shown that an average person actually travels 1/3 his life - and that's just to work alone!

Now with technology, H.263 ( I can't help to bring out the geek in me ) and broadband speeds of Internet access, it's nice to know that some lucky people can tele-work from home.

Regardless of what's happening in this world today (fuel surcharges, Hurricanes in the States, World of Warcraft, men in Mars, roti canai in space), it's truly challenging and new. Fresh. Mobile. Content. Marketing.

I wish I could share this immense joy and satisfaction I am gettin out of life and work. It's never been better. Promotions in 3 months, another coming at the end of the year. New prototype devices to play with. Services Over The Air (OTA) and unlimited connectivity paid for. Who could ask for more?!? Jealous... no need lah. Your day will come. Just remain positive and stead-fast on your BELIEVES and DREAMS. Work towards it and never give up!

Over n' Out!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

-= Rain =-

Firstly, I would like to bow down low for the inconsistent updates to my beloved blog. My true saviour when no one wants to listen to me ramble on and on about my life ;)

Rain... how profound it is. Falling dropless of water from the sky. God crying. The inability of clouds to sustain the heavy weights of water collected by the sun. Someone peeing from the sky. Sigh.

Rain has both brought anguish and joy to certain parties. It all depends on how one looks at it. Different perspective. Different life experiences.

The issue of the matter is that "I am lucky"... Lucky to have a car to drive to work. Office parking with is covered. Lucky to not have to endure the rain as is. Sometimes we fail to realise the importance to be humble, to think from the "other" perspective and to have empathy, not sympathy, but empathy towards the rest from the "other" side. A list of these "other" side people includes the motobike riders, the cops we see directing traffic in the heavy pouring rain - wet, cold, drenched! They all have families too. They all wished they were cuddling up in their warm, cosy blanket, driving cars like me.

Sometimes, I feel what they feel. But what can I do? I have sometimes contemplated in stopping and providing shelter for those in the rain, on motobikes. But would they welcome the assistance.

It's said that, "One can only be help, only if they start helping themselves first... ".

It's raining. It was raining this morning. The haze has come and gone. But are we unfazed?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Samart - That's sMart?

I am rotating back and forth. Busy busy busy ;)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blast from the Past

It's been a while huh. Life has been good, if not good, great! Change in career path, change in living quarters, change in car ;) Not yet la. It's just that my current wheels have been goin thru a major overhaul - brakes, clutch, gears, tyres, body work, etc. Sigh. There goes my raise - $ *ka-ching*

Anyways, gone were those days when I had the opportunity to blog daily. Nowadays, I would be just plain lucky to go pee (after holding for 2 hours). Sigh. ;) Though, it's said that we make time for the things we can justify.

Industry: Mobile
Position: "Kuli"
Status: Enjoying every second of it! Passionate about the tech/mobile sector
Fun parts of work: Latest Nokia prototypes to play with
Mobility: On GPRS & 3G - could I ask for more

Anyhow, I hope to post my experiences and mischiefs online more often, if not daily, more often.

Apart from all that's happening, do check out Though I won't be running any activites throughout the event. I will be part of the team that contributed to it being a success. To all the participants (10 teams) for the event, I wish you all the best. Sorry, no leak answers ;) JW Marriott - here I come!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Delicious by Ms Reads? Sense in KL Hilton? Dinner kat Lebanese Rest. in Jln Ampang? Or a simple Jagung (corn)-in-a-cup? Food has always been the main key ingredient in my principles in life. Live to eat, not eat to live. I stand corrected :P Anyways, the past month has been hectic. The more I think of my blog, the more I would like to update it daily. Unfortunately, sleep doesn't permit me to do. I too have been sleeping as late as 1/2am daily and waking up as early as 5am, finding myself wide awake, brain churning out information like the morning KTM Komuter :)) I am well rested and ready to go for the morning and the whole day. Breakfast is always my 1st priority (love u mum & dad for drilling that fact into my skull), local daily newspapers the next, then foreign tech news (Yayy yayy, I am a geek). Apart from the morning, the days are pretty hectic. It's a surprise that I am still putting on weight although I have been eating less and a more vege diet. No, no, don't get me wrong, I am NOT on a diet! Nor am I going vegetarian - I am merely eating more vegetables than meat ;) But no worries, I do keep an all round diet ;)) Love you mum! Missing you actually. Looking forward to seeing you come back from CH

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

3G is the way of life? :) Well, sorry for non-updates. I haven't been able to do so due to the overwhelming learning curve in terms of the mobile industry (been out of touch since Lucent days), 3G / GPRS, data and handsets. But it's a wonder to be able to get my hands on latest gadgets, gizmos, etc. Especially the expensive ones ;) Hehehe. My love for toys, esp. those that are wireless, needs a battery, mobile and the smaller-the-better are on top of my list! It's what that turns me on! :))

Friday, May 20, 2005

2005/05/05 Friday

Sunday May 8 was my last post. Today, 12 days later. I can finally sit back, sit down. Relax. Soak into my chair. Sink it. Call it what you want. My life has turned from 20 hours sleep a day to 4 hours sleep aday! Travelling to Penang in 1 day, KL the next, then Melaka and Johor the next day. Ends with a AirAsia flight back to KLIA. *phew* Even typing the last sentence was such a *breather* But, life is indeed good. It's never been better. More interesting, more new gadgets, and yet insufficient rest and good food. But, don't worry, i won't let you guys down... I will most definately keep up to being a feichai ;) If not feichai, a feifeichai ;)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ouch! Look at the damage. That's for trying to carry a LOT of A4 papers in between your LCD notebook's monitor and your notebook keyboard and trying to close the monitor at the same time. Sigh. Another 300 bucks flying off like bugs. Or better yet, flying off like eSampah (aka penguin) while crossing Jalan Yap Kwan Seng ;) after lunch.

Yummy. I am sorry for disappearing from here for a while. Been having major shifts in my life. Career-wise. Regardless of what's happened, it doesn't gimme a reason to ditch you guys ;)) I love u guys. Would like to thank you all for the support and understand. Fyi, i have also been "out-of-service" because of insufficient sleep and inability to connect to a neighbours wlan network which I set up :) Finally. Everything's settled. There's wifi from the neighbour running on linksys 11Mbps, a backup on Celcom's GPRS (unlimited data and wifi - tmnet's hotspots, which I deleted the login n password :P) Hahaha. There's just so much things that's been happening. Canning Garden, Ipoh with Bro Wong as Buddhist CONsultants, Truth Rangers Youths - a camp out in Jun 2005, personal growth (job-switch), 3G, content providers, Ko's birthday :)) Happy B'day bro!, Samsung miniDV, meeting with lotsa new people, Lucent's office on the 58th (aww, memories) and YOU (my dear friends and family) that has been my pillar to my success. I humbly bow to you ..