Thursday, March 31, 2005


I have sorta made a aspiration. An aspiration to go for a 14 day meditation retreat in SBS in the month of April 2005. May the Buddha be in my mind, the Dhamma in my heart and may the Sangha be by my side in this journey.

I just started working again for 3 months now. I should be confirmed soon. Eventhough my parents warned me not to go for it. But I think if my conditions are right, i.e. (ceo allows, money, off from work - leave or unpaid), I will register for it and go with all my heart.

I heard it's lunch @ waterfalls. Walk from the hilltop thru secondary jungles. A walk thru a graveyard and nightly kuti chantings. Oh swell. What an experience it would be. Wish me luck ;)

Articles on Karma

Requesting those who read this entry to give us @ your point of view on kamma / karma.

A short story reflecting your life and karma would be much appreciate. And of course the best written story will be published in our incovar camp magazine, namely IDC23 ;) So do take up the challenge and email to (Yayy man, I actually added a few pounds)

Have the best day today! Thanks and God speed!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

OO 00 . Serving the Internet?

The difference of 00 and OO . Is there a difference? :)

Well, hell yeah! To me. But to my dad. It's the same.
DAD: Hey, why isn't my photo page working? But clicking on the "Yours" link works
FEICHAI: What's the URL?
DAD: There (pointing at the address bar in Internet Explorer) .. this address lor.
FEICHAI: Go back
DAD: Go back where?
FEICHAI: Back one page. (Scans the URL). Ahh.. here's your problem. "Now, go forward". See, there's a difference between 0 (zeros) and O (oooOOooOOOOooOOOooo - letter "O") in the URL.
DAD: Why aren't they the same? Why didn't the website put OOOOOooOOOOOooOoOOoOOOooo instead of 00000?


Btw, on a separate note, my dad apparently "serves the internet". As for me, I like to just surf it! ;)

Monday, March 28, 2005

My feichai wishlist

Been surfing and found some rather amusing wishlists ;) Hotel anyone? :)

Anyways, here's my tech-gadgets-geek-wishlist (in no particular order):
1. HDTV (Though we don't even have that in Msia yet)
2. iPhoto 60GB ;)
3. Nikon S70 digital SLR
4. Apple Powerbook G4 17" with Mac OS v10.4 Tiger + BT + WeeFee + SuperDrive
5. Electrovaya Scribbler SC2200 (8 Hour Tablet)
6. Sendo X2 running Symbian 60
7. Samsung's 30 Mile Cordless phone
8. Lotus Elise MK2
-= YOU ... ;) yangg =- <>
9. Nikon WP-CP1
10. :P No thanks!
11. Segway human transporter
12. Any projector (to watch F1 and play XBox games)
13. Oh ohhh. PSP :)) PlayStation Portable is a must have!
14. Cobra Walkie-Talkies
15. Sony Ericssons Bluetooth Camera ball ;) SE-Motion Cam, model: ROB1
16. Siemens SX-1 for sentimental reasons. As a collectors item.

Som for those of you considering what to get me for my birthday 6 months (have to start saving right?) from now, there you go. My wish list. Hahahahaa..

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nikon Splashshot @ Bukit Jalil with ko2

Lemony Snicker@KLCC.
What a show! Reminds me of Jim Carrey's hay days with In Living Color. "Fire Marshall Bill!" Who would to think a joker like that could be fish-eyed in a movie that kicked Harry Porter of the bestsellers title.

What a Saturday weekend. Photos underwater and a flooded camera ;)
At least I can proudly wear the shirt "Genuis photographer with flooded experience" :)

And homemade BBQ :) Thanks mum. Love u loads! For all the effort and time taken to prepare, satay kuah, salad, fries, spicy bee hoon, etc. You're the best! Incovar @ Setenang BBQ was a blast - approx 20 people attending with some light refreshments and entertainment by daniel and his guitar. Thx bro for the lovely renditions and for given me your RM0.02 on religion and race.

Parents and attributes

i always have 'serious' conversations with my parents and elder brother. Ask Soong and Mei Ling. They actually met my parents the other day when my parents invited thmselves to brunch. Wat an episode it was for the two ladies. Enlightening yet an 'episode'

anyways, the point of the matter isn't about that episode but it was about how parents in general attribute their sons and daughters. Or give attribute to their children and friends' child in terms of success.

How big their house; in terms of square feet, WHERE their house is located? How big their car is? How many cars one have?And how many overseas holidays they have in 1 year? With the whole extended family, inclusive of the mother-in-law. =)

How many times have we put up with those questions. What?! How can they possibly compare us with house size, location and wife!?! =)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lotus Elise MK1

Lotus Elise Mk1(Mark 1). A piece of metal (carbon fibre to be exact) with a remarkable cost of RM250k. How could anyone afford something so beautiful & expensive. Obviously not me.*chuckle*

Whatever the cost,i m proud to say i drove 1 last night.Though tired and suffering from the lack of sleep,I managed to take it for a decent! Redefinition of mens' best friend.The sheer power made me feel as free as a bird with F1 powered wings! Don't know what that feels likes, ask esampah. Haha!She willdetinatelybe able to help you with the definition of flight. Jangan marah ye....

Traction, pickup and straight line speed was absolutely fabulous! The closest i got to a Lotus was stuck in the driver's seat because of it's sheer low form factor.Jokes range from the casual "driving thru the toll booth without paying" to "this is gonna be great-would love to see how my missus tries to get in and outta the car with her mini-skirt!"

Don't get me wrong, Lotus-es are any mens' dream car, but if you ask me, i'll be just happy with all my puny tech gadgets.*wink*

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fist@Starbucks DUtama

3 vegetables, squid, foochok - RM5 only

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My dream

It's tough to actually have dreams. @Cybercare, I told a JY (Junior Youth) that my dream was to have 10 cars, 10 boats and 10 houses. Every single animator (that's we call facilitators@Cybercare) thought I wanted 10 wives!

Anyways, a totally unrelated and well-thought off dream would be to meet Steve Jobs in person. Not Bill Gates or Donald Trump, or the CEO of Oracle. But the man would be Steve himself. Why you might ask? Well, it's because I've heard so much of him.

Did you know that he racked in USD$1 for the WHOLE fiscal year 2004? The year of the iPod. No stock options. Zit! Why you might ask? I don't know.

But someone close to Steve, whom I had the opportunity to speak too told me that Steve was a very eccentric personality. When he spoke to someone, he didn't have a conversation with them, or talk to them, he literally talked AT them. So, there, you have it. That's why I wanna meet the man. Steve Jobs ;)

Superb tech gadgets...

Super-products! Hope the links are not against any laws.
Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard
Samsung 30MILE cordless phone
Imagine calling home for free! Afterall, it's a cordless phone and there's an intercom feature, I think ;)

If the following links are offending anyone or breaching any laws, I will be glad to remove them from here, asap! ;)

A short note on lawyers - met 2 today before lunch and @ lunch. One of them was from those days @ Sweat Club when I was teaching swimming. Friendly little fellow, caught my eye when I was in the pool. He used to be the most active guy in the gym, jumping around, hopping, joking around during the Jap's body jam class. Another lawyer has been a tech geek and good friend, who takes care of me and my interest. To all the lawyers out there. You're not that bad ;) Have the best day!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Juggling stuff... staff...

> U can juggle so many things?
> Whoa - how many projects you getting yourself involved in lah?
> *BEAMS* What other work you're doing other than ur day job?
> Still got spare time?

Nice questions. Concerned? In awe? Shocked? Or just purely jeles :P

Well, being involved with,, and a little Monforts Boys' Home and a lil' tech stuff plus taking on more things seem to create the curiosity from friends and foe ;)

24 hours is all we have in a day. So, why not make the most of it. Woke up at 5:30am this morning. And realised that we have a very short time to live in this weird world we live in.

Consider this. I only attend Cybercare (which deals with orphanages) 52 times in a year. Now upgraded to 104 plus Wednesdays - another 52 days (due to UTAR and SITA as a internship program). But that's just 52 days in a whole year for about 2-3 hours. Is that a lot of time I am contributing towards a good cause?!

It's weird to get responses from people when I tell them I donate platelets every forthnightly. What is it weird?

> Oh, it's bad for ur body!
> U should recuperate and not donate so often...

Oh btw, did I mention that it takes about 2 hours , lyin down in the blood band to donate platelet? And it takes 4 donations to just complete 1 (ONE) bag of platelets. And that platelet doesn't know blood group. And that at least 2 bags are needed for each open surgery?!

> Oh...

Considering the fact that we are all ill informed and that the public in general are negative, it doesn't help. But I guess that's why I am here for. To propagate and to iron out the truth and misconceptions.
So there. Yes, I do have time to do sign language and contribute towards the blind. Why not?

Afterall, you never know when u might get into an accident and lose your speech. Now, is that a good enough of a reason to go for a sign language course?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

My dad's on :-o


Wow! My dad's on FLICKR... How on earth do you pronouce it eh? Flick-R or flicker? ;) Catchy name. Unfortunately the photos pages doesn't have a 2nd level domain name or alias or folder/~dad. (FYI, that's my geeky side talking)

PS: My dad didn't send me to study IT for nothing eh?
PS: Was thinking of creating a flickr just for me. It would be called "faces of feichai".

Photo photos photos... Ozanam sunbeams a lil' hope in Cybercare

Oh God. Must have been falling asleep while I was
typing this email. What I think I meant to say was:

There maybe some duplicate photos... but I will keep
them updateD.
Cybercare @ Sunbeams 20050319 Sunday

Photos of Ozanam and Hope to come :)
Sunbeams part 2..

20050319 Letters to Cybercare "stuff" (staff) from

20050313 Hope - Kazzielah + YW + Alex
(Photos courtesy or FK Queen!)

Hope you enjoy the slideshow!
YW: Do comment on each and every one of 'em yeah!

10 cars, 10 boats and 10 houses! Not WIFES!

--- Adrian Wong wrote:
> May be some duplicates our photos... but will keep
> it update.
> Cybercare @ Sunbeams 20050319 Sunday
> Ozanam and Hope to come :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

McLaren-Mercedes@Pan Pacific KLIA. Video shoot for Orange

71 shots of McLaren-Mercedes@Pan Pacific KLIA.
Who ah? Flickr's got a really good slideshow.

I actually took half-day leave, zoomed across town in the LRT, KLIA transit ;) (Kudos to Siemens for their text-screens and classic clock @ the stations) and walked a mile from KLIA to Pan Pacific.

Helped out with the lightings and cameras ;) Thanks ko! Really gave me an inside to a real production shoot. Thanks. Love u lots!

Apart from that, it was just an enjoyable moment being in the same room with Kimi and Montoya. Wouldn't have missed it for the world! Sorry to those I had to turn down, esp. those who volunteered to be my "payung gurrl" :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blogging @ lunch..

ChoyTam.Fried Squid.Baked Beans.Kacang(groundnuts).Ikan bilis(anchovies).CherryOS.

Just realised that I could maximize my time in office by tapowing(packing) food back to the pantry and surfing :) Increased productivity.

Anyways, lotsa stuff has been happening. Past week, weekend, this week. I have been having lotsa thoughts in my mind lately. Need to releasee and share I guess to stay sane...

First up would be the highlight of this coming week. Friday. 5:30pm. A chance to meet Kimi and Montoya from McLaren-Mercedes. Fingers-crossed! Thanks bro ;)

Oh. My dad just got back too. From his 11 day trip to Thailand. KLIA > Haadyai > Bangkok > Chieng Mai > Bangkok > KLIA. Airasia all the way ;) Glad he managed to see Dhammakaya for himself and spend some time with the Buddhist community in Thailand.
At the same time, fulfill his dream of trekking in Chieng Mai and sitting on an elephant ride.

Last weekend has been an eye opener to me. Exposure to all sorts.
Xbox. Burnout 3. Fifa 2005. Creative Gigaworks 7.1 and DDTS-100 and it's awesome power! Let's not forget about the marriage(the marriage of 4 families), Charmaine's 5 year old Carnival cum birthday party (which took 1 year to plan & months of preparation) and 4 nights of my time - which was well worth it! And finally a restful Monday evening - quiet dinner and 2 movies - 1,000,000 dollar baby and Hitch :) Just to relax and recuperate my brain. Missed my piano lessons and setenang's brain storming session. But I was content.

Then more good news in terms of sms and McLaren-Mercedes shot @ Pan Pacific KLIA :) Wow. What a week ahead.

Oh. Cybercare is also launching @ Sunbeams near Ampang this Saturday. Wow wee. Hope I get to catch up with some friends too this weekend. Last weekend was also not too good as both my close friends broke up. One guy and one gal. Both broke up with their girlfriend and boyfriend respectively.

Conversations to my guy friend included "Yayy, girls are in fact a nuisance. Sigh" and conversations to my gal friend included "Hai~ Guys are always like that..." Hmm.. to see things on the lighter side... someone suggested to introduce my gal friend to the guy friend. Well, we'll see...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Birthday parties

I used to remember birthday parties when I was younger! My most memorable one was when i was 10 years old on the 10th of October (10) 1910 ;) Hahaha.. kiddin! 10101010101010...

Anyways, the reason for the topic of conversation was that I have busying myself with some painting and artistic work for backdrops and props for a 5 yr old kid's birthday. Apparently, it's gonna be a huge carnival! 60 kids with tophats and bows + 60 adults + a TheStar reporter!

It doesn't get any cooler than that! Road closures booked way way ahead of time. 1 year ago! Talk about planning for a birthday! How I wished I was 5 again. Now, birthdays are getting simple. Cozying up by the fireplace (_as if_), drinking hot (_cold_) chocolate and just bumming around with really good friends talking about what we could/would have done if we were younger. I wonder what and how my birthday would be like this year. I guess my 1 and only wish is to live a day at a time, and to live it to the max ;) As if I was gonna die tomoro :) No wonder everyone tells me to *chill* and slow down my pace. Ever wondered what today would be like if we were gonna live to the end of the day..

Slept @3am. Woke up @5:45am. Left @ 7:30am.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

SMSing every1 about buffet@HD! Evil grin!


2 of everything ;)

Double scoops

Everyone now. Haaaaagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs Lunch Buffet for RM33 nett @ Great Eastern Mall 20050310

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A relaxed uninteresting day.. not!


Bro or Sister Chong Su Lim ;)
Stumbled upon Bro Su Lim. Interested character in the Buddhist circle. BUBS especially. *shakes hands* Nice knowing you.

Oh ya. I am proud to acknowledge for their donation in terms of hosting SMS! U guys are truly gems! Talented and kind at heart. Thanks to all the people at softmediasys web development and hosting team! Without you guys, setenang won't be spreading their wings and flying high.

Webcalendar to come ;) To believe or not to?

We were on the topic of feng shui, vatsu sutra, palmistry, tarot cards and horoscopes. Until I realised it's high time I subscribed to Could hardly stay awake @ 3am, so left it for Tues morning, when I woke up @ 7am to do it.

No no, it's not the pay per view satellite cable astro, it's purely astronomy kinda astro, as in horoscopes.

Btw, <>Paid for 1 yr subscription. Rather affordable USD$32. It basically can forecast horoscopes for anyone (with a date of birth, time of birth and place of birth) for a duration of 3 years before this year (past) and 1 year after 2005 (present), 2006 (future). And the good thing is that it's unlimited!

Anyways, it's been accurate for most of my friends now. It's basically a comprehensive database based on the moon, sun, stars and planetery alignment. Sometimes, I do believe that our lives are already written in a book called "my life" ...

Max-ed out my HDD

My DELL inspiron 4000's 20GB hdd of 3 yrs decided to crash on me. Decided to replace it with a 10GB IBM Travelstar (now owned by Hitachi) for RM150/= Friday night had it replaced before my meeting for Incovar publicity team meeting @ Starbucks IOI Puchong.

I thought to myself that 10GB would suffice considering the fact that i was goin to run RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) but apparently I max-ed it out in less than 3 hours downloading songs! Meeting was fine except that it's hard to imagine a Starbucks without Wi-Fi.

Considering the fact that I had a 4-in-1 PCMCIA router+WiFi AP, some guy in Starbucks thought that a Wi-Fi access point suddenly dropped from the sky. He launched his IE, google loaded (from his cache obviously) and started to show off to his gf until *poof*, I turned off the AP function of the PCMCIA card. Mean huh :P How I enjoy tormenting others :)

Anyways, the publicity meeting went fine, though every single thing had a due date of yesterday! So, back to the topic, how much hard disk space is enough? Will it ever be enough. I thought I would backup my 10GB whenever I need to on my 160GB PC @home, but apparently I would have to do it daily if I continue my download spreeeeeee...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

phew. Posting illegally and on the wrong blog?!

It's been a busy, tired weekend. Will update more about my crazy weekend when I get the opportunity. But for teasers:

Saturday was fun filled with double-handed platelet donations, fried chicken NECK/Malaysian breast@A&W!, stressed-filled Ozanam@1pm, and Setenang @ night.

Sunday was airport and back for my burmese pals, Imbi and LowYat 4 mac softwares, Sony Vegas :D and SIMS playboy mansion(sigh,haven't even installed it yet) HOPE@7pm without Ruth :( due to disciplinary problems. Then it was chitchatting session with my piano-teacher cum Libra personality till the wee hours of Monday morning.


Here's something every digital camera owner must have.

Here's something Setenang needs ;)

Anyways, here's a song I am typically hooked to.

Been listening to this song by John Mayer... a must have... "Love Song for No One"
This is a song about talking to the person you haven't met yet
And maybe they are rolling around the hay with someone else.. but ah...
Not as good as you would be
Just got to wait for your turn
She's out there, he's out there..

Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunday 7pm - 9pm, Cybercare @ HOPE

Will update you on my weekend soon. Really tired and busy :P Darn. Why am I always early to work :P

Have a great week ahead! Nrn! <<-- Hahaha

Friday, March 04, 2005

Photo updates.

Updates ..
Setenang's new virtual home

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Quetec 4-in-1 PCMCIA WiFi card rocks!

I don't normally do this. I don't normally vet a product, but this time around, due to the two units I had to test for a good friend of mine (nijue). And considering the fact that it's been more a paper weight and dust collector. I had to do something.

Quetec's 4-in-1 wireless solution is mother-proof. Google mother-proof and you'll find that it's a term coined in the gaming industry for games even your mother can play. No biggy ;) It's that easy to install and setup, though the english on the step by step hardcopy document could be improved! (Thx Stella). LOL!

As for connectivity, it doesn't take a genius to set it up. Used a Powerbook G4 as the client and a crappy MS filled with spywares(Stella) as the 4-in-1. The Powerbook 133Mhz, 700+ SDRAMs, BT + WiFi is sweet! ;) Reminder to myself - "get one!"

Anyways, had problems connecting my UX-50 to it. But we did manage to get some 3gpp from Final Cut Pro onto our Symbians. So a good start to better things eh ko ;)


Apparently it's currently causing a lot of confusing among my non-malay friends. Why wouldn't it. Afterall it's "setenang air.." or "as calm as water" or in 1 word "serenity". Why? Don't ask me... Ask my sifu - Bro Wong. He coined up the phrase. Apparently, it also means "to give and take" in a suffering manner (thx to Er ;)

Anyways, this is currently my pet project for this few months. For those who know me, I will be "spiritually" moving into Setenang as a resident for the community. Already got the keys somemore. *phew* What a responsibility!!

The place will be a non-religious place running community service and it will be as serene as a nursery (Thx to Bro Jerry). Well, the first milestone would be this Sat (5th of March 2005) @ 7pm. We are currently expecting a crowd of 50 people for the potluck. So come one, come all, but do rsvp beforehand so that you won't leave setenang hungry ;)

Basically, it will be a meeting of minds (MOM) and yes, my mum will be there too ;) It will be the start of a new beginning. A place for senior citizens, an animal shelter, a sanctuary and a childrens' home. It's a place to call "your" community place.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i like it: malay mui

i like it: malay mui



Cybercare - Rumah Hope Session 2

As promised (ST *wink*)... though I didn't have
time during lunch yesterday. Here's what I can

Considering the fact that we had 6 animators this time
around, namely - YW, Helena, Ming, Song, Sue
(new) and myself, we did quite well I might say.

We ran the blindfold obstacle activity FIRST. Before
the kids entered a new room (on the 1st floor of the
church @ the back of Rumah Hope that they so kindly
provided for Cybercare). YW mentioned that we
shouldn't do the activity first next time around as
more grounding was needed beforehand. Noted.

Comparing my experience at Rumah Ozanam and Hope (same
session), I noticed that the kids@Hope were more
engaging, more responsive - "asking to be
blindfolded". I personally think we should have groups
of 4 in the obstacle activity one at a time. For more
attention and less playfulness. Oh, we animators
forgot the list of 8-10 words, so we couldn't whisper
to the kids.

After the obstacle activity, YW proceeded to ground
the kids in terms of our agreement. 10 words were
given an ok. Some of them were as follows:

1. Trust
2. Quiet/Listen
3. Helpful
4. Discipline, etc.. Mostly based on the blindfold

We noticed this week, Steven (the kid that wasn't
around last week) was very engaging. Raised his hand
all the time to participate. So was Lucy (who,
together with Steven brought their own stationeries,
DICTIONARY, and notepads). There were some who were
too playful as well, especially those seated with
friends, namely, Metherlin and Kasturi? :)

Ruth & Michael was also unattentive during the

As for Raja. I think more attention should be given to
him as I understand that he's not good in reading,
writing and hence, comprehension. We are awaiting
someone to step up to the plate to assist him. So we
are playing by ear, I suppose.

The gems and mines activity based on the
phrases/proverb wasn't that effective compared to what
I experienced at Ozanam. I realised that words like
"polish", "dig", "have to seek and find our own
gems/talents" were very strong, even for myself when I
was in Ozanam.

Anyways, another idea highlighted that was very
effective among the kids@Hope were the song of a
"ting". During our Saturday gemming session, we were
suppose to try out a bell/triangle musical instrument
where kids would be able to ring it ("ting") whenever
JYs or animators noticed a gem , talent or positive
thing highlighted. I noticed YW tryin it out even
without the instrument and the response was
astonishing! Some kids @ Hope got into the act and
produced their own "ting" sound whenever they noticed
their peers bringing up an "Aha" statement! What a
GEM! ;)

On the other hand, it's unfortunate, we might be
losing 4 JY's from Hope. Namely, Joel, Krishnan, Jerry
and someone else. Rumah Hope will be sending them to
Monfort Boys Home.

Past Present Future

How cool is that. My mind's online. Meeting of minds. Check me out :)