Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saying goodbye is hard2do..

Sometimes, change is good. But sudden change. Well, that can only mean one thing. Too harsh, too rushed. Letting go, saying goodbye, parting and moving on. It's not easy for the heart, soul and mind. But I guess, one has to do so in the name of progress and growth. Here's wishing me, myself, and I and the rest of the crew all ze' best in your current position and in changing ..

Monday, April 25, 2005

Yasmin Ahmad @ ;) We successfully screened Rabun (uncut) to a total of 17 lucky guest ;) Eventhough it was an publicity event, no one from incovar attending except Soo Teng and myself. But, fingers crossed, Yasmin has agred to screen SePeT in the near future ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Photo taken with a Canon 300D SLR in my office. Huge in size 1MB+

Monday, April 18, 2005

Rabun and Yasmin Ahmad @

Nice leh ;) Rabun & appearance by Yasmin Ahmad @ on the 24th of April 2004

Beg, borrow or steal projectors, not one but two (for backup). ttp://"> ;-)

Anyways, was so itching fingers this morning and decided to change the
template of my blog for a fresh new look. It did warn me that I was
gonna lose all my changes to it. Who would to know that templates
remove your links to other ppl's blogs as well. Oh well, i have always
wanted to use XML and RSS to track other people's blog automatically,
so that i will only visit them when they have changes or a comment.
This will definately save more of my time and thus allow me to
sleeeeeEeeeEeeep more ;)

Found also ... Excellent tool for xml updates ;) Automated lah!

Friday, April 15, 2005


Google's not just any buzzword. It's gonna be the database of the future! Which allows us to search for every freaking thing in the world! WOW!

Just tried it out. Now waiting for them to ...

verifing Submission complete; we'll email you when your video has been verified.

Next Step: enter video information. Click here to proceed.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rabun (uncut) by Yasmin Ahmad @ confirmed

Rabun (uncut) by Yasmin Ahmad @ confirmed has been confirmed by Sayang Yasmin today. The screening will be on the 24th of April 2005 @ 8:30 PM.

Yang Yasmin will be there to grace the event ;) See you guys there. Loads of fun - projector on the corner lot sidewall and Edifiers. ;)

Yayy!! :D

Kelana Jaya LRT station today ;) Was I still dreaming? Apparently it happens daily...

My principles in life

Principles. Grounding. Rules. Teaching. Call it what you want. We all live with it religiously, with strong belief and hold to it dearly.

Then, you probably ask the next question, where did we pick up these things called "principles". NLP. Parents. Environment. Our lifelong educators =LIFE ITSELF?! And how in the right mind did we determine whether a particular principle would be the one for me...? and the norm. Tough huh? It's no wonder, we, the human race are so unique and same and different all at the same time. Strange how different can be same all at the same time.

So how does one choose their principles. Well, i dunno about you, but i pick and learn from everything that life has to offer to me. Good or bad, i take it all in, do my research if i've to, seek, ask and try it out for myself. I've without a doubt got on other peoples' nerves by "trying" out things that are against their grains of life. An extreme example would be when one tells you that a boiling kettle is hot and do not touch it. I would normally beg to differ... but that's me. Hope I didn't offend anyone with this post ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Big Bag - Food, Glorious food!

Bag B-E-S-A-R! ;-) Thanks Newsweek for the very-odd-bag. I use it daily. Notice how s-m-a-l-l my Nokia n-gage is...

Lunch was cheapo ;) RM 3.50 for 6 different vegetables. Egg. Fried something. Vege. Black something. Taufu. Groundnuts & Anchovies. << That's living up to the expectation of being a feichai! ;) Cheerios!

Rabun (uncut?) by Yasmin Ahmad

24 April 2005 Sunday 8PM sharp @ Taman Mayang. Tentatively, we are awaiting Yasmin to grace the event. So *fingers crossed* ;))

The reason for the non-screening of SePeT is because the distribution rights are now owned by Columbia-TriStar. Hence the inability to screen it for free. But it's I suppose possible after Astro pay-per-view and NTV7 are done with it ;)

Moves to tears. sigh. sigh. How many times have I told you not tomake others cry :~(

Yayy... I made someone cry :(( Moved to tears

".... even though i am so grateful to allah for both films, there are many reasons why i prefer sepet. and any single one of them would have been reason enough to prefer it over rabun.....

...... 2 at the 9pm show of the first day of screening at klcc, i slipped into the cinema and sat down quietly in a corner. a chinese young man whom i had never met, but who recognised me, knelt down next to me, made a sweeping arm movement across the audience and said to me, "puan yasmin, look what you've done. malays, chinese, indians sitting next to each other to watch a malaysian film. i've never seen this before in my entire lifetime." later, when he had gone back to his seat, i buried my face in my hands and quietly wept...... "

Excepts from Haloscan yasmin | 04.10.05 - 12:34 pm |

Monday, April 11, 2005


Nan Fan Zhan Yu Ga
Yan Min Doh Him Ja
Gay Hui Yao Gung Hiong Weng Wah
Sim Bun Sui Dik But Fan Ca

Mou Ji Jang Lui Wa
Cong Mong Tim Sing Ga
Hung Dak Yi Muk Gwong Yu Ma
Sui Liu Gam Nguk Bin Bai Nga

Ming Lui Yao Si
Jung Sui Yao
Ming Lui Mou Si
Mok Keong Kao

Lui Sing Fung Yu Da
Mou Yung Doh Ging Pa
Sam Gung Jing Bak Pik Mou Ha
Hang Sin Jik Dak Jui Lok Ya

Yan Bei Hoi Lui Sa
Mou Yung Doh Hing Gua
Guan Hoh Kin Man Tin Lok Ha
Meng Li Sik Gan Ci Mou Fa..

---------------- SePeT theme Song --------------------------

Sai Si Yu Kei

Cong Cui Sui Yut Sai Si Yu Kei
Mui Guk Dou Gwong Gai Luk Lei
Jao Cing Jao Yu Yan Yu Yan Si Tin Tin Bin
Yao Hei Yik Yao Bei

Yan Yun Ngoi Han Sai Si Yu Kei
Mui Guk Dou Cong Mun Jun Kei
Yiok Pan Yiok Siu Nan Bin Sam Jong Yi
Ci Bei Mok Cin Jou Hei

Fu Cong Pao Man Lei
Gam Tin Hing Hang Yao Ji Gay
Juk Fun Pun Kei Gung Hang Lok
Cong Po Noi Sam Pun Lei

Jiong Ngan Yun Mong Sai Si Yu Kei
Mui Guk Ying Gun Chak Yup Mei
Dan Kao Gung Nei Kei Ngai Siong Bei Gao
Liu Gai Jou Yan Dou Lei

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kids to die for. Who would pass them down. I get outta bed on weekends just for them and them along. Of course, I can't sleep much too lah. ;) These are the lovely kids from Sunbeams in Cheras, Ampang. Half of them are pictured here as some of them had to go for their co-curriculum. Thoughts of getting involved with them
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Friday, April 08, 2005


My current favourite song : Sam Hui - Lang Zi Xin Sheng

It's something about a guy who's lost all hope in life. Or was it love. Apparently, I just realised I don't know any cantonese. But the intonation of the song really sets you in a mellow, sad mood. Considering the fact that it was used in the movie SePeT during it's "After Effects" introduction, who could pass on this song.

"Love, is such a many wonderful things.. " Who could pass on that phrase without sighing ("tersengeh" - I stand corrected). "Love reminds me of flowers - berbunga2" .. And a garden full of em. How sweet.

I just realised that someone - in my blog list that I stalk, is actually in love. And it's driving him up the wall. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't think straight. Imagine - to actually self-sacrifice for this intangible thing called love, to die for it, to end up in heaven - together as souls. How interesting ;)

To be part of the sharing session and for him to share his feelings with me was truely mesmerising. It felt like the very first time I fell in love... oooOoooh, Max was indeed such a loyal dog. Who could forget the way he looked at me whenever I brought his chow to feed him. Even the doggie chain brought his to a standstill - for 1ms, and then next, jumping up and down, all over me. Just the sheer thought of taking him for a walk send my cheeks upwards :)

Have a good weekend ahead.. do the best in whatever you do. I know I will definately enjoy Beautiful Washing Machine tonight and YLM Cybercare animator's training session this Sat. And let's not forget, a full day of go-karting, drifting cars in Shah Alam, swimming lessons and Cybercare@HOPE in Paramount Garden, PJ on Sunday.

over-and-out. Geeesh!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ripped off from a FAQ

What is an RSS feed?

RSS is a format used to syndicate news and other web content. This includes major news organizations such as The New York Times and Wired, but also covers blogs and other types of content. Sites that offer RSS-formatted content are accessible through a news aggregator such as NewsGator, which feeds and displays new items from each feed you track.

What is a blog?

A blog is a journal, a running log of thoughts and or commentary that an author (or “blogger”) makes available for reading on a website. Blogging software allows bloggers to update their weblogs whenever they want. People reading the blog can respond to individual entries of the blogger, sometimes creating extended discussions.

What is XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format. Originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing, XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variey of data on the Web and elsewhere.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

nothing here

My week... weekend ... swimming included @ Segambut

Big boys' toys. Check out the prices. Nikon Malaysia @ Jalan 225
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Cuties ;) Zaini's professional photography brother - which worked @ Simple Plans concert, F1, multiple weddings. Shoots in RAW and uses a Mac!
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Why can't i go for the lego programming workshop (challenge)
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Programmes during Smart Kids @ PWTC over the weekend
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Helena @ Cybercare @ Sunbeams. Guy in skirts
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Luna Bar@Pan Global - Jalan P. Ramlee
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

Red car, red shirt ;) Proton Wira's safety car which was unsafe when I was driving it ;)
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP

They said, photos/pictures speak a thousand words. But, not for those with only "Hundred hundreds ..
Sony Clie UX-50 0.3MP


Raffles Tickets for sale in aid of 5 homes. I just pledged RM50 for a raffles booklet, so why don't you. I don't normally do this (publicity) but it's for a good cause. Besides, for those in need of RM100k, there's a lucky draw for that amount of money.

You know what I will do with that wart of cash - well, simple, I will just donate it back ;)

Cheerios ;)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Blow RM 200 in 7 hours? To get your hair pulled?

<< Content censored >>

Would you go thru that kinda suffering?

Well, I most definately won't > but I guess sepetgal who wants to look like Orket would sit 7 hours just to get her hair looking like Orket from sepet the movie :P

Anyways, I will be in town for the next couple of days. My trip to Taiping SBS has been postponed till the end of this year due to work ;) Java programming. Yayy!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Priorities vs Masa Managements

I have very concern friends. People who actually look out for me nowadays. I used to think that quantity was better than quality. That's why I stopped at 100 for friendster. Coz NOW I realised that good friends are hard to come by. Good-positive-friends are even harder to come by.

*I had my car washed for free today* Thanks uncle and aunty ;) That's for being super-nice to others with regards to fixing their WeeFee network and teaching people how to format and reinstall Windows ;)

Anyways, point of the story is that lotsa people (friends and family) are worried that I don't have enough sleep and time to do my things. Not only that, they are also worried that I don't have my priorities right. Well, rest assured, I am contributing to my job, I have a healthy lifestyle (don't smoke nor drink), don't womanize, contribute towards 3 community projects (namely,, cybercare, and and on top of that, I donate platlets 2 times a month. Oh yayyy, yayy, starting back swimming lessons for kids too. Every Sunday 4:30pm ;) First class tomoro ;)

So, for those who are worried for me, don't. My body is fine, though I will end up with lotsa bruises and lotsa holes as if I am a drug addict but all in all, I am doing great! I may look like I need sleep or I am drugged, but I am just resting ;) Fyi, I wouldn't wanna pass on this life if someone paid me a million bucks! But I might consider 2 million ;)