Friday, May 20, 2005

2005/05/05 Friday

Sunday May 8 was my last post. Today, 12 days later. I can finally sit back, sit down. Relax. Soak into my chair. Sink it. Call it what you want. My life has turned from 20 hours sleep a day to 4 hours sleep aday! Travelling to Penang in 1 day, KL the next, then Melaka and Johor the next day. Ends with a AirAsia flight back to KLIA. *phew* Even typing the last sentence was such a *breather* But, life is indeed good. It's never been better. More interesting, more new gadgets, and yet insufficient rest and good food. But, don't worry, i won't let you guys down... I will most definately keep up to being a feichai ;) If not feichai, a feifeichai ;)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ouch! Look at the damage. That's for trying to carry a LOT of A4 papers in between your LCD notebook's monitor and your notebook keyboard and trying to close the monitor at the same time. Sigh. Another 300 bucks flying off like bugs. Or better yet, flying off like eSampah (aka penguin) while crossing Jalan Yap Kwan Seng ;) after lunch.

Yummy. I am sorry for disappearing from here for a while. Been having major shifts in my life. Career-wise. Regardless of what's happened, it doesn't gimme a reason to ditch you guys ;)) I love u guys. Would like to thank you all for the support and understand. Fyi, i have also been "out-of-service" because of insufficient sleep and inability to connect to a neighbours wlan network which I set up :) Finally. Everything's settled. There's wifi from the neighbour running on linksys 11Mbps, a backup on Celcom's GPRS (unlimited data and wifi - tmnet's hotspots, which I deleted the login n password :P) Hahaha. There's just so much things that's been happening. Canning Garden, Ipoh with Bro Wong as Buddhist CONsultants, Truth Rangers Youths - a camp out in Jun 2005, personal growth (job-switch), 3G, content providers, Ko's birthday :)) Happy B'day bro!, Samsung miniDV, meeting with lotsa new people, Lucent's office on the 58th (aww, memories) and YOU (my dear friends and family) that has been my pillar to my success. I humbly bow to you ..