Thursday, June 09, 2005

Delicious by Ms Reads? Sense in KL Hilton? Dinner kat Lebanese Rest. in Jln Ampang? Or a simple Jagung (corn)-in-a-cup? Food has always been the main key ingredient in my principles in life. Live to eat, not eat to live. I stand corrected :P Anyways, the past month has been hectic. The more I think of my blog, the more I would like to update it daily. Unfortunately, sleep doesn't permit me to do. I too have been sleeping as late as 1/2am daily and waking up as early as 5am, finding myself wide awake, brain churning out information like the morning KTM Komuter :)) I am well rested and ready to go for the morning and the whole day. Breakfast is always my 1st priority (love u mum & dad for drilling that fact into my skull), local daily newspapers the next, then foreign tech news (Yayy yayy, I am a geek). Apart from the morning, the days are pretty hectic. It's a surprise that I am still putting on weight although I have been eating less and a more vege diet. No, no, don't get me wrong, I am NOT on a diet! Nor am I going vegetarian - I am merely eating more vegetables than meat ;) But no worries, I do keep an all round diet ;)) Love you mum! Missing you actually. Looking forward to seeing you come back from CH

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

3G is the way of life? :) Well, sorry for non-updates. I haven't been able to do so due to the overwhelming learning curve in terms of the mobile industry (been out of touch since Lucent days), 3G / GPRS, data and handsets. But it's a wonder to be able to get my hands on latest gadgets, gizmos, etc. Especially the expensive ones ;) Hehehe. My love for toys, esp. those that are wireless, needs a battery, mobile and the smaller-the-better are on top of my list! It's what that turns me on! :))