Monday, October 31, 2005

What do you hang in ur cars?

Was driving to work this morning and I noticed grapes - thanks goodness it was plastic ones, hanging just under the rear-view mirror of a neighbouring car beside mine.

I have also seen lotsa cars dangling dice -- namely two units of dice and lotsa funny other objects, mostly fruits. I have also seen a bunch of bananas.

Was just curious and wondering what's the fuss about all these dangling items and what significant meaning it brings to the passengers of the car and driver!?! Freaks!

Cybercare Idols 2005 @ Rumah Hope

It was truly remarkable to have been at Rumah Hope for almost 8 months with Cybercare, in support from Lions Club. To have the kids express themselves in style, all dressed up, facial make-ups, costumes and having them sing their hearts out for our very first Cybercare Idols!

Many thanks goes out to all the committed animators - Yuk Wai, Alex, Wai Meng, Janice, Anu, another 2 which I don't know their names, Chia Ling's friends, some old timers, Soong's friends (Joyce & company - for showing up, which I can't find your photos to prove you guys were there to support the kids (i think Krishnan must have deleted those photos :P)), Kazzielah & Ian, Siak Teng, Dimsy and the wardens,esp. Sunny & Jacob for making the kids express themselves. Not forgetting Eng Eng, the trainer to us animators ;) It was truly remarkable to have working adults commit to the function of this program.

And to the kids. Which we have had so much to thank for for all the participation & perseverance, eventhough having to deal with Si Wen & Kasturi leaving the homes for good. I would like to congratulate Suren for being Cybercare 2005 Idol, where he performed a number by Linkin Park by singing and dancing to the beats! And our long-legged sexy Kasturi for Ma' Baker's song & a short fashion show. You kids did great! Applause goes out to every single kid at Rumah Hope for voting and have the courage to stand up in front of an audience and perform. In no order what-so-ever; Methelin, Themoly, Steven, Michael, Peter, Daniel, Si Wen, Kasturi, Suren, Krishnan, Lucy's sister, Lucy & Raja. You guys are all winners in my heart.

Jerry too popped by from Monforts to cheer on the crowd! Let's not forget the performances by Kaz, Wai Meng, Timothy, the 3 indian dancers + Raja and a guitar number by Yuk Wai, which touched us all, which was dedicated especially to Kasturi and gang for their courage to put aside their sadness for Kasturi leaving that very night. All rising up to the occasion and yet still put on a tremendous show! Oh did I forget Steven and Si Wen's duet dance performance which rocked the crowd!

It was a night to remember. I leave you with some images from the idols 2005 ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

MY "typical" Saturday

What a "typical" Saturday. In fact, my weekends are much more hectic than my weekdays - but I love it!

Here, you see me waking early for a function to commemorate Worlds' Peace day organised by the Baha'i group. Performaces by youths with Kevin Locke and his 28 hoop dance

as the highlight was truly worth waking up as early as 8am on a Saturday! The Actors Studio Bangsar provided the avenue for these entertainers alight. There were youth groups from Soko Gakkai,

Indian dancers,

and their very own Baha'i "Stomp-like" dancers.

Christian group performing Pink-Panther in style...

After a marvellous start to the morning, I had to excuse myself and headed straight to Rumah Hope without lunch. Steven was waiting for me to arrange a costume for his performace on Sunday night. So off we went to a costume rental shop in The Mall. Mikaliya, I think that's the name of it ;) He was gonna be a Sultan for the day! Wipee! Here we have Steven picking out his costume for Cybercare Idol ;)

ZzzzZzzZZz.. That was followed by the heaviest Japanese buffet I even had in my life. Thanks to new found friends and colleagues - we were off to Saisaki in UOA II for a buffet dinner. Let's not forget the car park that we were trapped in! :P Now, if only I can find my photos where Amber, Simon & myself were trapped in ...

What a typical Saturday this was...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Food, Can I have more - Vegetarian @ Cheras ;)

It's one of those days where the boss isn't around ;) And we sneak off to lunch in some faraway place. Naturally, I'm often the "company-driver-for-luncheons". But, good food, why not ;)

This time around, we stop by at a famous vegetarian outlet in Cheras. As usual, our dear newly wedded wife Mrs Lim who's a full-fledge vegetarian eater introduces and pre-orders our phone way before we get there ;)

Here we see a 4-king dish, it's actually brinjals, lady's fingers, petai & 4 anchor beans? Ommm, delicious! All this thinking of food is making me hungry again..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Bram Cohen @ BitTorrent
Amazingly fresh article on how a man can change an entire world of 45Million downloaders. Amazing feat for a little man, with Asperger’s syndrome.

Also, apparently, Soduko or Sudoko is getting quite a reputation. Haven't had time to research on where it started and bothered to find out why is it so additive.... but apparently, it's just "another puzzle" for Cohen.

For those of you who don't know how Cohen is, he's an eccentric person with deep understanding to live, great values and the person who created Bit Torrent. No no, not big waves in the sea, but on the Internet, which you surf on, not literally though.

8.5Million as a startup. And BC's not even bothered whether BT survives?! Know why? Cause it's just "another" piece of puzzle that he managed to solve. Life's lil' mysterious...

Amazing insight. I wish I could be more like him. As for now, it's trying to solve a car battery which can't seem to last more than 24 hours! Oh well, back to the drawing board! So much for trying to solve the WORLDs' issues :P