Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Project DONE - now have to look for something else....

Looking for a new project... Hmmm... cup holder for car. Interesting. Lemme think about it ;) Hehehe... gotta think about the right materials to use. Do u want it to cool ur drinks as well? :)

Anyways, just an update of the finished product which I spent RM4.40 for musking tape, blade, and free cardbox boxes. Luckily I didn't spend RM200+ for a real thing.

Besides, if u notice the last pic actually shows a golf ball. And yes, it does refund the golf ball once I've managed to putt the ball into the hole - where else would the ball go into?! :P

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My new project - to get my hands dirty & occupied

Dirty - dirty - wipe - wipe.
Commercial release date: 30 Nov 2005 ;))
What does it look like to you? Car ram? Beer mug holder ;)


It's actually my very own homemade, golf putting green. I guess it's just my shear determination that I can do stuff with my hands! Other than created beautiful words and marketing proposals in powerpoint presentation :D

Besides, a buy-off-shelf putting green would probably set me back approx. RM200-300! Boy, I rather make one than pay through my nose for something that expensive. But I guess, others trying to improve their putting would probably do so...

Wish list, anyone? I doubt you would want a handmade putting green :P Handcrafted to perfection by feichai...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stolen wheels!

Can you imagine. On a Tuesday morning. Car parked behind mine. Got both his rimsss & tyres jacked! The nerve of some people. To imagine my car was parked inches away - yeah yea - I heard you "How would want to steal my rims right?" Smart a**!

I mean, if you would to steal, 1 tyre & rim, at least the poor victim could use his spare and get to work.. but the cheek to steal all 2! A bit too much. Lucky I wasn't the victim... :)

To imagine, I overheard a colleague saying that rims these days could fetch up to RM1,500 EACH!!! Geez, I would rather just buy a new 3G phone :P

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Only rich people have all the luck!

Rich people. Rich is defined as,rich in cash. A stereotype statement some might say. But i sincerely believe and given the opportunity to be rich,one would be able to be exposed to a lot of things in life,and at an early age,i might add! Look at all the possible things a rich kid gets (the series Orange County is a good example) and can u imagine the exposure he/she gets in life! Let me quote
an example...

How did u get exposed to a computer? Did u get exposed to it at an early age? Well,that's cause ur parents were rich & had the foresight to buy one,hence,u were exposed to it. Now,imagine someone in the most rural parts of Africa, who haven't even seen a screen,let alone a computer monitor...

How lucky we're indeed. To be blessed to have it all.

By these "exposures",i've seen tons of my friends,colleagues and family excel in what they do at an early age.I know a friend who's had IBM machines & started programming since 5! Exposure again! It's an understatement but he's now one of the linux gurus :) You know who u are *winks*

Then, there's another who had Times Magazines, Business Times ready available at a tender age of 12! It's no wonder that he's quite a successful entrepreneur of this age. To imagine i was still fishing in muddy drains for eels at the same age!?! Haha!

Then, there's the one who stared ready National Geographic at a tender age of 10! And he read it religiously. What an amazing walkin-English-dictionary he is today. Remarkable fictional story writer even in those secondary days!

And lastly, those who had a WORLD MAP as a globe or jigsaw puzzle at young age. Amazing! These are the ones who have very open minds till today & who's travelled, to say the least, who have had their eyes open to the world at a very young age. I often ask myself how could i've afforded a globe, let alone a Malaysia map, if i wasn't at least,a "little" rich...

So, the more important question would now be... How rich would i be to my kids...? And how much things would i expose them to. If u ask me, i would say, EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! How would one know whether he/she likes brinjals,for instance, if u haven't tried it at least once.How would u know u like the color blue,if u haven't seen, smelled or touched what play looks, smells and feels like. So... Money = Richness = Exposure? I totally agree..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Funny.Was just thinking while on the way to work this morning.
Question: Why is it that everyone can always be on time for the movies BUT never be on time for work or meetings? Work versus Entertainment. Chore versus Paid services. I guess it's because of the fact that we pay to watch a movie at the cinemas...? But what about the other person's time? When he/she waits for you for a meeting? Isn't his time worth more than the $10 ticket you rushed to buy so that you wouldn't miss the trailers & the caramel popcorn. Weird huh,don't you reckon...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Food food food..

I wonder whether I should just change this to a food column ;)

Hahaha - considering the fact that everyone says that I am either 2 months pregnant or was a 3 months. I forgot ;)

I really should start dietting ... tomorrow ;)

A little background on the pic - it's taken in Swenson, Sungei Wang Plaza. It's actually their signature dish, Apple Crumble which was so sinfully delicious! Served on a hot plate, the waiter dozed fresh milk over the ice-cream and apple crumble and we watched it sizzle away while fresh green apples were tossed beside the crumble. Feeling hungry ;)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Super-cheap lunch in Wangsa Maju

Who would imagine we could get 4 dishes of economy rice all for a super-value of $3!! And rice so much that it would be falling off the plate! If u think that's cheap,wait till u hear about the free soup & chinese tea(with ais) which is self-serviced thrown in!All for 3 bucks.

Just a few feet away,there's another value for money stall which sells jambu batu(English translation anyone?) for freakin $0.50 ... I'm speechless... Talk about inflation,and i'll be glad to bring you to my newfound neighbourhood =))