Monday, January 30, 2006

CNY Roti Canai

Amazingly, 2 and a half shops of tables, FOUR (4) dedicated people making roti canai, 3 dedicated people doing drinks, and 1 dedicated person packing piping hot nasi lemak (fatty rice).

Only open from morning to 5pm, this shop is actually in the inner parts of Klang. And believe it or not, my granny and her happening friends found it! Pure joy - coming from Ampang, KL and no roti canai.... what a chinese new year ;)

Friday, January 27, 2006

LIFTS - who invented 'em?


Apparently, the first lift was invented by Falconi, Freissler, Haughton, Haushahn, Kleemann, Otis, R. Stahl, Stigler, Waygood, Ziehl-Abegg KG, Wadsworth... in the early 1850s. And it keeps getting better and better!

Interesting enough, it's those little square boxes that we get stuck in going up to our office or apartment daily. That little square box as large as 10x10 sq ft in space that we find it uncomfortable staring at another eye-to-eye! And, it's the same place where we can't imagine someone passing wind ;) *phew*

Anyways, attached, are 2 images of lifts in Samart I-Mobile in Bangkok. The amazing thing is the buttons to the lifts are actually located OUTSIDE the lift itself. Yes, OUTSIDE. Meaning, once you get in the lift, there's no way of changing your mind on which floor you wanna stop at.

It's all about efficiency I suppose. Where everyone going to similar floors or nearby floors are GROUPED into a batch and sent to a particular lift! So cool! Technology, though NOT wireless ;) Hehe

Thursday, January 26, 2006

20th Jan 2006. Samart Bangkok Part 2

Obviously - I was too busy to blog about my trip on the 20th! Was drop dead tired by the time we got to our suite that night.

After lunch, i spent my whole afternoon with 7 lovely Thai ladies and 1 guy (which normally, it's difficult to determine whether a guy is straight or not - not offense!). It was clearly an insight to the whole operations in Samart I-Mobile / Infomedia! If I told you, I would have to KILL you ;)

Anyways, we too did make a trip to MBK, Bangkok; which is the "equivalent" to Sungei Wang in KL, EXCEPT that it's 20 times the number of shops and size! Imagine the size of the whole floor of Sungei Wang = that's MBK's 6th floor SOLELY selling mobile phones! CrazZzzzZzzzZZZzzzzy! Imagine the competition and all the complains!

Also, we went to our I-Mobile shops that are located in MBK. We also had the opportunity to sniff our direct competitors in Thailand - Jaymarts ;) Hehe! We saw a shop that had a see-thru service centre! Awesome! So consumers can actually view technicians repairing their phones right-in-front-of their eyes! Truly Amazing, truly Thailand.

Our day ended with lotsa good seafood. The food was truly worth the whole trip! Seafood, crab meat, pork neck!, and beer! What a way to spend time with the bosses at that level. I guess I shouldn't forget to update you guys on the workaholic we all are as we only finished our meetings and work at around 1AM. Truly amazing boss and ideas my bosses have - truly fantastic! It's such an honour to serve under such brilliant leaders!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Samart Bangkok

Day 00 in Wangsa Maju

Started the day at 5am in the morning - by taking a cab from my office to KLIA. Cabby was nice and quiet ;) Slept the entire journey as I had only 4 hours of sleept the night before ;) Set my company back RM70. Upon reaching KLIA, was treated to sumptuous meal of McD's Breakfast set by my manager ;)

Day 01 in Samart, Bangkok
Took approx 1 hour 45 mins to get to the air-polluted city (According to a local, apparently it was today that's bad only). The flight was ok-though nothing was "watchable" on board (all in Thai) and the food was bland. A view of Bangkok from the 33rd floor of Samart's building.

Upon getting out of the airport, we had no prior arrangements for transport nor lodgings (Thanks to the PA :P), therefore we were left to fend for ourselves ;) But we managed to get to Software Park (as big as park sounds, it's merely a building - Haha), not a park like Technology Park or Cyberjaya kinda park ;)

Then when we got to the office, it was just totally mindblowing, Four Thousand and Five Hundred Staff and a freaking tall building - and it was all ours. Looking at the ground floor, a major bank, Deli France and Singapore Chicken Rice Franchise (Apparently, the owner of Samart liked the Chicken rice so much that he asked / invested them to open up a restaurant).

Meeting Thais were ok - they neither spoke good English nor did we understand Thai ;) So, hand gestures and facial expressions were called for.

Lunch was sumptuous, Singapore Chicken Rice & Duck noodles (Apparently, the owner also likes this Duck noodles from a certain province 2 hours drive from Bangkok) and specifically asked them to come! The power of money.

Not only that.... *stay tune*

Came here to actually do work... ;) So, I will update, hopefully, at the end of today!

Monday, January 16, 2006

SMS.Sharing joy

Trip to Bkk
Yeah!Company sendin me to Bangkok to learn about mobile content & work.So happy!Going tomorrow nite,be back on Friday.Never had a company send me overseas before.So proud of myself.Thought i share the joy with u.

Cousin & family:
- Hey, good for you. Look forward for more ;-) Hey, i hope you succeed in life. I wish you the best. If the ppl i care about are happy, i am too.
- Great! I'm so happy 4 u n proud of u too ... Enjoy trip n t care.
- No one to share what? im happy for you :)

My Big Sister
- U happy, am happy. Congrats. U have a bright future with ur dedicatn. Take care.U r so excited. There will b more goodies in store 4 u. Try 2 sleep, okay.Ur boss has eyes that recognise hard efforts & gd heart. U on right track. Gdnite, little bro.

My small Sister:
- Wow! That's so great! It must be exciting!! Hehe.. So nice!

My swimming students:
- Haha.. Hey congrat. Its good to hear tat ur hardwork is being recognise by ur boss. Me also happy for u :-) then wish u hv a wonderful trip. Hv fun and also take care ya.
- Glad tat u share us on ur happiness too... Hehe.. So tonight happy until cannot sleep lo.. Haha... Joking la. V happy for u k.
- Heh, congratualation. Gd 2 know tat u got tis apportunity 4 explosure. Hope u learn s'thing new abt d trip n hv fun:)

My teachers
- ... nice 2 hear from u after such a long time. Bon voyage. Keep in touch.

- Hey,thatz great n an honour.just to let u know 2 i was promoted to assistant manager last week

- Sö wil u b in office 2morö morning? U take cab 2 KLIA? Eii,öur company dinner is Fri ar? I also dönt knöw ;p So u must back Fri lar,if u dont cöme,no fun,hehe! I want many things,haha..Dönt need 2 buy,dönt waste $..
- Ök,njoy ur journey then ;) but...If u c shin chan,can buy me a small öne? ;> i'll pay u back in RM wör,not Thai Baht..Haha

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Late night dinner snack... Gotta stop this ... ;)

Late night snacks - all the oils, fried up stuff

I really gotta stop snacking ;) Dinner was at 9pm - nasi lemak, thosai, and a capati. It's only 1am, and already I am snacking on 2 bullseyes eggs and hash browns. Yummy ;) Everyone keeps saying that I am putting on weigh and growing sideways. I do feel unhealthy. Sometimes, it's just hard to even climb 5 flights of stairs~

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

There's no place like

There's no place like home

Trials, tribulations, aspirations, hope, dreams. Call it what you may, but I must admit. I have many. Many dreams. Many aspirations. Many unfulfilled. Reason being? Because, my expectations were too high..? I tend to reach too high for the stars, and when I don't reach them... I fall tumbling down.

Some of you may know what I mean. Having gone through trials of something, over and over again, and yet, failing over and over again. Falling. Tumbling down. Some of us get up, some of us don't. Some of us just refused to get up. But just to lie there and let life pass us by.

I refuse! Has anyone had dreams of owning all the riches and the world. Well, I did. At least, I dreamt of owning part of it ;) A few petrol stations, a few makan shops, a barber, a few companies doing multi-businesses. A conglomerate in all industries. First, I wanted my machines (computers, programs, software, scripts) to sustain the business. Multi-user program with the sheer ability to capture every teenager and every youths minds... Worldwide launches in 1 day ala movie titles and hits. It was sheer figures playing in my mind. A passionate fool, one said. But I am steadfast and determined.

I had a goal to self-sustain myself in an eco-system that would sustain me and all around me. Imagine. Self-sustaining is such a huge definition of a word. It literally means; owning your own petrol station, few makan shops (just in case you get bored of eating from one eatery), a hair salon, a clinic, small sundry shop expandable to a hypermarket, and the list goes on.

Self-sustaining: Meaning that one doesn't need to pay for anything else in life. Achievable? Maybe not in this life time ;-) It's tough enough trying to make ends meet on a fixed monthly salary. Maybe I shouldn't have left my business. Maybe I should have strived harder. It's all gone now i suppose. Now, it's due time for a safe-secure-job (too much Robert Kiyo-whats-hisname-saki).

But yet, even though I work in a 9-6pm company, I still take initiatives, work home, set myself unattainable goal and treat it like my own company. But why? What for? I guess, to me, it's just sheer joy in accomplishing something with my own bare thoughts, ideas and hands. Sweating it out and achieving something remarkable.

Now, all I have to do is just wait for my face in the major dailies... I keep asking myself - when will I be famous ;) When ah?