Monday, February 27, 2006

Love is in the AIR

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Handphone Dealer?

Haha - was really surprised when a friend thought I was still doing my own business :P Well, surprise surprise, I am no longer doing my own business nor IT. I am a Marketing (B*llshit-crapper) cum Head of Mobile Content :P

And then there's always the question of "how many phones do you have-lah?" Well, to answer the questions; at any given time; I was roughly - 4 to 10 mobile phones ;) Actually, I don't mean to brag or anything, but they are all new but really prototypes! Hehe. Meaning sometimes, this and that doesn't work! But no worries on that, as the commercial sets are full proof - thanks to me lah, I also do testing and provisioning with one of the cellular operators in Malaysia.

If you are wondering whether my last finger nail is long (that I would qualify as edward scissorhand), I seat with my chin on my one knee on a kopitiam chair, or whether I dig my ears with that last finger nail which is sooooOOoooOOooo long and that I have gold & red hair... I am so NOT! Contrary to popular believe, I hope I don't qualify as a typical cinapek handphone dealer! *chuckle*

And for those who are looking for good deals on 3G models, Nokias, feel free to dropo me a buzz. Would be glad to accomodate you ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Technology + Seafood Porridge

I was gonna screen capture the 1-2-3 steps that I created for my 35-something cousin sister, but decided I didn't have a desktop with only 3 icons! These icons were named; 1. Connect to the Internet TIMEdotNet (Dial-up) 2. Send and receive emails Outlook Express and 3. Surf the Internet - Internet Explorer. Easy for me to teach the elderly I guess, having gotten used to re-configuring PCs during my time for the veterans ;)

Having had gone thru explaining "adware" and "spyware" because her kazaa-using-son in layman terms wasn't quite the easiest task either. Thank god for my bigger-brain and "define:adware"! *chuckle* ;)

But all in all, it was most definately a worthwhile trip in the pouring rain to USJ18, as I was served with homecook porridge (filled with big-prawns and fish!). It was the most expensive charge any person could "repay" me for my IT services rendered!Makes me feel that it was just neat to have decided on IT as a degree and stuck with it ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I hate dares, double dares...

I really hate it when people dare me to do stuff... Or tell me I can't do stuff by putting me down way before I start doing something..

Anyhow, just fyi, I would never ever let down a dare. I will always live up to the occasion and carry out ANY dare/challenge. Once, i was dared to actually remove my jacket + t-shirt at 2 degrees celcius in down under - and I did it, proud of it too!

Sorta reminds me of the double dare kids-tv-show I used to enjoy during my younger days. It's nice to actually see people raise their eyebrows and go mute when I perform something right in front of their eyes!

-------------------------- 6111 ---------------------------

Anyways, here's my latest challenge :P Here's what happenned when I was dared to wear a S-size baby-t for the Nokia 6111. Notice the pink! ;) It's now my favourite color!

Monday, February 06, 2006

After searching high and low...

Finally, after months in Wangsa Maju...
... I find myself a basketball court, though badly maintained, at least the hoops still there =) Tucked between Jusco Alpha Angle and a little housing estate(Sri Rampai). I also noticed that there aren't any courts in secondary schools around here, wonder why.

Anyways, anyone with a low down of potential courts in KL area would be much appreciated. Wonder whether anyone plays night bball?!