Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cheng Beng. Ching Ming.

Call it wat u want,but for the chinese community at large,it happens on the 5th of every 4th english month. I had the opportunity to join my family for this occasion(let's not talk about office calls as early as 8:30am,eventhough i was on a half-day leave!),where we pay our respects to our beloved ancestors who has passed on. The day normally starts off with meetin my uncle&aunt in Berkeley, Klang, and then heading off to Meru to clean & visit the grave.
Those were the days when we would've to hire a person to cut my grandparents grave.We would have to bargain to get the 'lalang' (long wild grass) cut,clean and thrown to the sidelines of the grave.
Nowadays, the association in charge of the cemetery does everything for ALL the graves,so no more negotiating and cutting of lalangs! Just pay $50 for two graves or $30 for one.Seems to me that the discounts 'encourages' both loved ones to die?!? Weirdo huh?
Anyways,it's always a family affair,where we would help each other out in preparations to offer my late-grandparents their favourite foods to eat,drinks to drink,and new clothes to wear and more hell's money! Yeah,u heard me right,hell's notes.I'm not sure why we burn hell's money,but i guess there's some logic to it that i don't know about-maybe i should check with my bigger brain! Sorry granddad,we didn't prepare you a whole chicken to share with grandma as it's seasonal for birth flu!! Really! That's why we didn't cool a chicken,read on to know why...
After placing the necessary newspaper(used as a tabletop to place food on it) and doing the ground work of preparing the spot(lossening the sand) to stick joss sticks into,and offering food to the 'land-God',we proceed to light incense,candles and joss sticks.Funny why there's always 3 candles,3 joss sticks,3 chopsticks,3 bowls of rice and 3 cups of chinese tea and wine,when there's just my grandparents..
Nevertheless,we don't question much,we move around the cramped grave like clockwork,never bumping into each other,while working towards Cheng Beng.By the time we finish placing all the food for offerings,we burn more joss sticks&burn the hell's notes & some other folded ornaments(that's gold labeled-only acceptable in heaven/hell).With that we end by wishes to our grandparents & their neighbours-that's when i take joss sticks to my grandparents' neighbours to visit them.I love this part as it requires lotsa climbing up and down the neighbours' graves' low-walls.Hehe..
Cheng Beng normally ends with us eating and satisfyin our hunger with those food already offered to our grandparents.Eventhough those food are normally tastely(normally,it's tasteless after offerings), but we're told not to waste food nevertheless!Finally,while packing up,we decorate the grave with colored papers and white strips of paper.This decorations are to signify a way for us to know our way back to this grave next year-cool huh?Unfortunately, because all the colored papers are sold by those funeral/prayer shops, there colored papers are therefore generic in nature.So by the end of Cheng Beng weekend,all the graves look the same!Hehe.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sharing session

Facet. Heavenly Bball Park. Roti Canai@Lanson Place. Messy Opis. Shoes.
Questions? Haha..

I think it's self-explanatory :D Isn't it?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Simple things in life

How could one NOT wanna live in Malaysia.On my journey back from work,i dropped a few of my colleagues off at the lrt station.And one of them was just sayin how nice it was to work overseas in uk & having travelled to Australia-how nice it was to travel.

Then,all of a sudden,she asked wat i liked about Malaysia? While trying to think of somethin smart to say,i said "Wat's there to like?".Does that mean i don't like Malaysia.Then i added,"Wat's there NOT to like?"

Seeing how things are,there's just so many simple things in life to thank for.For instance,sittin in this mamak,havin my gee-tosai,half boiled eggs & warm cow's milk at the middle of the night.And actually sitting admist a multi racial society,inches away from other chinese,sikh,indians tat made my tosai,and malays just 1 stall away.I'm sure u've heard of the saying that goes multi-cultural society... But it's more than that,it's the half-boiled eggs,cow's milk & extra gee-tosai that i love about this place i live in,Malaysia.And i won't trade that for the world... For now,at least =))

Monday, March 13, 2006

RM8.50 dinner

Amazing! Can't imagine a fried egg, vegetable soup, rice, cucumber-chilli-dip and a big glass of fresh orange only cost RM8.50!

Can you beat that? I am so full now.. I think the swimming pool is calling for me. Taaa...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Penang - Pearl of the Orient "Now Playing in My Hands"

Penang has always been my most hated state to go to. Eventhough it was a holiday place that my parents would always go to to visit my brother (who was positioned in Batu Ferringhi), I HATED it~ It always meant that they got the guest room, and I got the living-room. U see, the living room isn't all too airy,eventhough it's Batu Ferringhi, but I made do.

Nowadays, Penang to me is work, Work, WORK! Those were the days when it was training session and overnight stays to see our network of dealers and makan2 (eat food). Nowadays, it's solely 1 day trips, 4am wakeup times - 7am flights and the last flight out of Penang, reaching back KL pass midnight.

It's nice per say as it's travel by air, all food paid for, but it's more work now as we are in the midst of opening an I-Mobile shop in Gurney Plaza! Of course there's the occasional Char Kuey Teow that's never missed when I am there.

I hope there's more travel to come, though tiring, but really fun people to meet and deal with. Here's hoping for Sabah and Sarawak travels next week ... ;)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006