Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MacBook Pro running Windoze, Mac OS X and Linux

My latest *D-R-E-A-M* machine..

How nice is it to be able to run Windoze, Linux, and BeOS all in one sleek 1 inch box! And a white one! That's not including the magnet charger that comes with the box! Which box if you can't quite identify it?

Hehe.. It's the latest notebook by A for Apple: The MacBook Pros running Intel Duo Cores! Having the pleasure to caress the first 20 units and its keypads and keyboard affectionately has left my jaws in awe! How could man design and manufacture such a machine!

Did you know that it senses it's surrounding and it's KEYBOARD LIGHTS UP in the dark! Gone are the days of buying a USB lamp to shine on your working area! That's a great tool to have the keyboards light-up-built-in! And what about the kewl webcam's that's almost hidden on the top side of the monitor, truly remarkable!

But i guess the saddest part is the cost, which is MYR10k+ and the fact that it's manufactured by Asustek :P Means, more MacBook wannabes... I guess that's also good, but it definately won't replace my *DREAM* box in a while...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Incovar opening, k4 with Umi, Barbeque over the Tuesday public hols

What a day! So filled with activities and happening people.

Spent the morning with my beloved-family in the morning for breakfast in Klang... Managed to meet up with my fellow incovar.org friends during the day time for potluck... It was actually a recruitment drive as well as to coincide with the officiating of the new incovar working committees' very-own-room! I suppose the photo speaks for itself
And then shopping in carrefour with my fellow colleagues (in preparation for the evening's bbq), I actually met my ex-MMU uni mate and her 2 beautiful kids! The first thing she yelled wasn't my name, but how fat I was right in front of my fellow colleague. So malu-fying (embarassing!), but what to do, have to live up to my blogs name - feichai (fatty!)
And finally, there was beautiful food over the barbie! Check out the size and the texture of the sausage!

Oh yeah, I guess my colleagues couldn't help testing their "weight" on the see-saw beside my apartment pool *chuckle* Didn't even know I could win with 2 female colleagues on the opposite side of the see-saw of me :P

Monday, April 10, 2006

SUNDAYS: feichai's Childrens' Day

Sundays are always a day of rest for many or family day for some.
For me, it's Children's Day! Hehe. That's cause:

1) I sleep in, like a little B-A-B-Y
2) I see my 3 little darlings at the swimming pool, Jessie, Janice and Rachel for their swimming lessons
and finally,
3) Cybercare at HOPE :) That's 15 little kids again.

Sigh. How not to be Childrens' Day every Sunday! Photos of those 3 little babies soon :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Nasi Lemak for breakfast

I am beginning to feel fat! What to do, afterall, all my post are related to food and more food!

Anyways, this morning's breakfast was courtesy of my "lost"-colleague :D (KLee) and it was delicious! Look at the size of the packet! Kept me soo full till lunch - which I only had a cheese cake and french fries (more unhealthy food) from Secret Recipe!

It was actually Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk Rice) from a kopitiam (coffee shop) opposite Ampang's STAR LRT :D And it only cost RM2.40!! Crap, such a huge packet, with sotong (squid).

The joys and colors of Malaysia. If I was forced to migrate or shift overseas for work, I would definately leave my tummy in Malaysia. Hehe

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

P __|``` P

After all the wait - my new toy ;) For rent? :D 333Mhz, 1GB of RAM, Ridge Racer on UMD, version 2.50 :) Ceramic white ;)