Friday, May 26, 2006

Waterfall BBQ at Ulu Yam

Ulu Yam. Another 20 mins from Kuala Kubu Bahru was invaded by SIMM (I-Mobile) over the weekend (22nd April 2006)! Approx 12 of us took a slow drive to the hilly soothing areas of Ulu Yam that fine sunny weekend and soaked ourselves in the chilly, free flowing KKB river. WOW! It was so relaxing considering the fact that there wasn't a slightest Celcom coverage! Weee! Non-working weekend...

Anyways, would definately recommend this location to all. Absolutely close to nature. Minus the wild animals... Oh wait, we were there! ;) Does that make us city-dwellers with animal instincts? Note that the BBQ pit was made out of waterfall stones and we used twigs as tweezers to turn the BBQ-ed chicken and sausages :P Forgot to bring metal tweezers laaa..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006