Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Singapore :) At it's best, just for me :)

Raffles. CommunicAsia 2006. Singapore. Bath ROBe.

Inhale. Ex-h-a--l---e! *WOW* What a view to wake up to!! (Reminder to myself: Share my past 2 weeks KL view when I wake up)

Anyhow, I haven't been travelling lately, so a trip down south and an opportunity to do 'some' shopping & relax in luxury was well deserved.

Though the trip down south was purely a business/learning trip to Nokia Connections and CommunicAsia, it was a change of environment :) Instead of seating on my butt for 10 consecutive hours in an air conditioned office, I was up and about, walking for 10 hours lookin at new products & services. The level of content and handsets has come to a convergence point where it's no longer called mobile phones. So much so, that terms like "Multimedia Phone" and "Multimedia Computer" (MC) has taken over the Personal Computers (PC). And, that's coming from the fact that I haven't even stepped foot in CommunicAsia 2006 :D

What can i saw, the hotel room's excellent, weather at Singapore's always clear skies and light showers. Other than that, I just love the "detail-ness" of fellow Singaporeans and how they take every single little thing into account! I actually saw some dude in the loo actually scrubbin a urinal. Speak about detail.. :)

4 Ons with AsiaNewsNetwork: Embrace - On air (broadcast). Online. On-demand. On-??? (the-go?) :))

Monday, June 12, 2006

80 yr old granny

Geez, I guess I was that busy in the month of May-June 2006 until I didn't have time to type :P Posting those photos was actually a 'reminder' for me to actually 'type'. LOL! Anyhow, Happy Belated Birthday granny. As you can see, we celebrated my beloved granny's birthday in stylo-milo and my granny's friends had a great time karaoke-ing and dancing thru out dinner.

My dad whom would never turn down a dance was dancing away. My granny busy singing away. And if you noticed, all of my granny's friends (mostly senior citizens) actually brought their own VCD Karaoke Disc to be played and sung to. Being the DJ for that night, I had to put up with senior citizens' actually asking me to jump the queue to actually play their number 1st, before the person already in line :P *blek*

Nevertheless, the food was good, though my flu took away most of the flavour that night. Love you Ah Por..!