Sunday, July 30, 2006

Desperate Housewife Marathon!

Geez, started at 2pm. Ended around 10:30pm!! To imagine, we watched about 12 episodes continously, thru lunch -> tea -> dinner -> zZzzZ :)

It was fun though. Watching with DH fans and catching up on the story way before it's screened on free-to-air tv stations.

Just to spoil your season 3, for those who have finished up to Season 2 finale, read on...

This is episode 48, season 3: epi 1
Tom's 11-year-old daughter Kayla creates problems between Tom and Lynette, as she wants to spend plenty of time with Tom, and blames Lynette for an injury she didn't cause. Parker has a birthday party with a clown. Gabrielle and Carlos search for Xiao-Mei, who's disappeared while pregnant with the Solis' baby. Mike's been in a coma for six months. Susan doesn't want to give up hope, even as a doctor suggests hope may be lost. Bree visits a doctor because of a distressing experience she had during sex with her fiancé, Orson, and the doctor informs her she was merely having an orgasm. Bree realizes she's never had an orgasm before. Edie tries to sell a house, dancing around the truth about what might have happened there.

This is episode 49, season 3: epi 2

Edie offers to let her troubled nephew Austin to stay with her permanently. Austin was kicked out of school, went to juvie, sold pot, got a girl pregnant, and much more. As Bree and Orson get married, Carlos and Gabrielle meet a divorce mediator.

Of course, the whole point of this is because it won't start screening/shooting till Sept 2006?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Seatru + DELL solution + feichai

I came back from Chagar Hutang, Pulau Redang, Kuala Terengganu, East Coast Malaysia and... realised that I might help the turtles a little bit more than just propagate the good cause.

In fact, i would like to make the task of volunteers/research assistants/professors a lil' easier by making the data collection a little more efficient and simplified, so that the research assistants do not resign due to the monotony of data collection.

And here, i present to you - an integrated solution :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fotopages is in town : Feichai

Sharing my new fotopages

Fotopages is in town : Feichai

Sharing my new fotopages

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Be part of Young Leaders International (YLI)

Join Join Join .. Parents with kids, kids with parents aged 13 and above are welcomed to join :)

Some photos to entice you of the program. Of course, the link Youth Leaders International has more information that you can digest ;) as I may not do justice to explaining all of it myself.

For direct details, I can forward your emails to the person-in-charge.
Here's a snippet of what's entailed:

An experiential, interactive and hands-on coaching process embracing a “TOTAL APPROACH & WHOLESOME METHOD”. A TOTAL APPROACH encompassing the 4 SEAS of EXCELLENCE in life where learning is being applied in action namely:
1) Spiritual Excellence
2) Emotional Excellence
3) Academic Excellence
4) Social Excellence
Commercial - IBM RFiD-ed Supermarket

Imagine Sea Turtles having these :) Not only that, but having readers along the high-tide mark of the beach and having the reader take the turtles unique ID and time of "Merangkak ke darat" :)) Cool eh :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jln Daud's location map

neesern: Apologies for the delay. Here's the map to this Jln Daud location. If coming from Jalan Semarak Menara Celcom, head towards Jalan Raja Muda Aziz. Upon seeing a Naza stand-alone building, turn left and left again. Parking's relatively easy, but not during lunch hours (working days)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Turtles galore! My-oOo-my, i hope i didnt make them sound like foo d!

Turtle soup, turtle eggs, fried turtle green fat!?! Get those thoughts outta ur head. We're here as volunteers at Chagar Hutang, a beach on Pulau Redang, where 50% of turtles nest on P.Redang.

1 of our many task would to be to patrol the 350metres white sand to note where these big hoochi mommas do their nestings. Normally,without experience, u might take 1-2 hours tryin to locate the nest (if u dun know how to read turtle tracks). We had 3 turtle landings on our 1st night here. All green turtle (penyu agar). They're called green becoz of their liking for seaweeds and algae?

We managed to watch the whole process from the turtle crawling up the beach, all the way to nesting and sand bathing! Took approx 2 hours+ for the whole process to end ;) What a live changing experience.

We missed the other 2 landings due to the heavy rain. It was just so nice to sleep.After a night of travels, it was surely a well deserved sleep. Finally,as early as 8am, we managed to catch the 3rd turtle sand bathing. Some live picture of the turtle sand bathing and our equal opportunity of seeing new hatchling, as this period is the best time of the yr to see both nestings & hatchlings.

For those hungry readers, i suggest u go grad roti canai or maggi mee, as turtle eggs are off-limits in my book!!

Food, glorious food. Can i've some more..

Look at how back 2 basic we are! Food+map+sea front dinner! ;) Nothing beats having a cookout, and having dinner right in front of whole south china sea! The sunset, the white sandy beach & food. For our 1st meal in Chagar Hutang, we had fried eggs (with small onions), whole 1kg bag of chicken nuggets & my fried vege (with garlic & oyster sause). Amazing what wonderful ideas one could've with such limited resources. Too bad, we didnt have any ice nor cold water, or else the sunquick would have tasted lovely. Apologies Alex & Yvonne for the over-sweet orange juice :p More from Pulau Redang :))

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tiring but quiet night. 11.07.2006

Only 1 landing tonight ;) Huge ar*e turtle with a length of 1.07cm! Wat an experience, actually seeing her climb upshore, then pit its whole body & then start to dig the nesting hole. Eventhough the whole process takes approx. 2-3hours inclusive of the sand bathing, the wait & patience is all worth it. Did i mention that it was at 2am in the morning? And ended, while we waited for her to swim back to sea at 4am ;)) But it was truly remarkable and all worth the wait.

Having seen the process, we volunteers would've to actually tag these mothers & drop in a string thats attached (home made) to a coral just beofre she closes her nest. This is so that we won't have to spend 2 hours the next day estimating where's the nest.

This process of identifying her nest is crucial as we've to re-dig the previous days' nest in order to place a plastic frame around the nesting site. This is to protect the eggs from predators, especially biawaks(monitor lizards) and monkeys (u and me)! Then, there are also red ants which eats turtle eggs to survive

Sunday, July 09, 2006

technology=Celcom! Full bar at Redang.

Laguna Redang Island Resort..
Bask in the sun,beach report, sun sea surf! Our 1st drop off point on Redang Beach. Now, we ought to be takin a "small" boat to Chagar Beach. Wish me luck :)

Captain's Log book two zero zero six. Star date July 9th.

As we fast approach the mark where the clash between Brazil and Portugal,in zero minus 30 minutes,the brotherhood (bus company name translated from Malay language: "adik-beradik") bus decides to have a stop over to visit fly island :)

Fly island saw a fly reduction of an average of 2 flies dead per minute. One must wonder,where does all the flies come from? Zapped upon following the double-blue light in an erie swift buzzin sound!

The air in the bus thickens,with passengers alighting to loosen their calf muscles & relieve their bladders. The bus is now lighter and can travel faster,as everyone has taken a leak!

(If anyone of u is wondering wat on earth i'm crappin' about,worry on further... )

Haha! Those who have guessed it, Y-E-S! It was the bus tat i'm on to kuala terengganu tat stopped by at a rest&relax area along the highway! Got cha' there :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Power On

Demo tape as producer/host for Malaysian's 1st TechTV show. Shot, edited and produced in KL. This is 1 segment outta 3 from the whole show - Movers' & Shakers' aka Guest Interviews.

Like it? Should it be on air?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Food's Galore

I guess it's unfair to those food lovers & my belly as I haven't been doing any write ups on food.

So, here we are, the 2 most best places to eat in KL to-date!
On the number 1 spot is
1. Ayam golek (Literally means, roll-over chicken). Some of you might just refer to it as Kenny Rogers Roasters as that's how they roast their chickens as well :P)

2. Jalan Daud - Thailand food courtesy of kk :) My Thai ex-colleague :) Cheap, spicy, authentic, FRESH! Did I say that the seafood, fish, etc was fresh. Oh I did, of well, it's damn fresh-boy!

Cheerios. f-e-i-c-h-a-i

Days just past by...

My days has been passing me by so quickly, so much so, until i don't even have time 2 update my blog. Monday was the 1st day where i was freed from work, worries & responsibilities :))

The day was filled with visitin my ex-colleagues & buggin them regarding my claims,etc :)
i too managed to pick up some Sony Karaoke system for my aunt which came with 1metre tall speakers & a 2 in 1 amplifier & karaoke function box.

The next day was also a fun-filled day because it ended it on a high note, with a pair of brand new Nike Free running shoes, but its darn expensive lah! Thanks sayang *muacks*

Apart from my new hobby, which is going for brisk walking/jogging at KLCC park daily, i do enjoy the temporary high of being creative. I guess creativity runs in my blood. Speaking about blood, the Tuesday plalelet donation was good. But sad at the same time as i met a 3 yr old kid who needs to undergo a bone marrow operation but is in need of platelets. Poor Sin family. His 2 blood-brother & sister can't even donate to their younger brother as something wasn't compatible! Makes me feel tat i should sincerely try my best to donate twice a month. Anyone wanna join me?

Just fyi,i'll be offline from 6th July till the 17th of July as the place tat i'll be going doesn't have electricity nor a generator :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Moving On... last day at Samart I-Mobile 30 June 2006

Hu-uuh? *Still breath*

Shocked aren't we :) I guess the only ONE 'word' I have is "If the door behind you never closes, another won't open". And "PIG CAN FLY"!

Like it or not, I am not moving on to greener pastures. But I am on the top of my game and free to do anything my heart desires! There's the travelling bit to anywhere I can afford, the possibility of working with a competitor-company (after 6 months *winks*), a MNC, or even opening a simple eatery! The skies the limit! But whatever it may be, the decision is in my own hands! Though I would miss my gadget lifestyle, but I am sure my future has many 'other' gadgets in store. Plans for a "harddrive" has always been toying in my smaller brain of mind. The glitz and glamour of the high-rollers, product placements and product endorsements. Again, the skies the limit!

Nevertheless, I will truly miss my dear ex-colleagues and company. It was somewhere I truly called home and friends for 1 year and 2 months. I will truly miss my comfort zone! Now, hungrier than ever.. my *new* project..