Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yong Leaders International - MPH 1 Utama

The edits out! :) I actually video shot the whole event and edited it under 1 hours 20 mins. *phew* What an experience it was. Tiring but truly a learning experience. Married videos, here I come!!

Capturing of a mini-DV Sony video camera, then importing to the editing suite (used Microsoft Movie Maker) as I didn't know how to use Adobe Premiere YET! So, used to iMovie and the MacBook pro I had! It involved using cables like the iLink / Firewire or better know as IEEE 1394 which was the 4-pin (Dell notebook) to a 4-pin (to the video camera). File sizes were enormous! A 1 hour footage took up 13GB of space! That's 26Gigs of space for a 2 hour recording. Super quality - truly broadcast quality.

More on the YLI and what it is here!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My dream phone

My dream phone would be a mix of a:
1. Nokia running S60 (multitasking)
2. Motorola's durability (having dropped from 5 storeys)
3. Philips battery life (longest battery life)
4. i-Mode's mobile (running FlashLite)
5. Samsung's 8Mega-Pixel with 3 times Optical zoom!

Too much to ask? What about a keyboard, backlit. And a 10MP camera phone :D

Monday, August 21, 2006

Grik, Penang and beyond :)


What a weekend.

Homestay at Grik
Our fellow university friend was nice enough to allow us to bunk over at his place in Grik, before we proceeded upper north to mainland Penang and food in Penang island. Grik is such a cowboy town with kids as young as 10 yrs old on motorcycles and their latest attraction, is the new KFC restaurant that just opened beside Fajar supermarket!

It was truly a living in village (kampung) experience. Where we could just buy a bag of rambutans for RM2.50 (red and juicy), where we could just pluck mangosteen right from the trees and savour them fresh! Oh, let's not forget the friendly hospitally of almost every home we went in, free fruits, drinks and food for everyone to go by.

Of course, being in the kampung, the lifestyle includes back to basics amenities, which is an eye opener for some, but truly a malaysian experience for many people like me :)

Penang (Butterworth) for food, food and more food!
Unfortunately, eating Char Kuey Teow wasn't to our favour :) But we manage to eat RM15 Prawn Noodles with super-large prawns (udang besaq) at the southern edge of Penang, a place called Teluk Kumbar! Super-long ride to Syam's Prawn Noodle place by the fishing village left us all tired the night in Penang island. But it was truly an experience having only managed to visit Penang on the ferry once, a long long time ago!

Of course, the Penang Hill train has also upgraded itself to RM4 adults. Too bad, it was at night, so there wasn't much to eat (expect for the Snickers ice-cream that costed RM6!!) and see up Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). So, next trip would be a morning trip up for the sunset and English tea :)

The RM88 room hotel with a view of a field (Abdullah's father field) and the jeti's view was quite impressive. Though we were conned of a buffet breakfast, which was not buffet at all! Choices of either toasted bread and half-boiled eggs OR fried rice was the only options. The tea and coffee sucked as well. But, it was cheap and confortable lodging nevertheless. Thanks for putting us up, travel lodge butterworth penang!

We wanted to go to the 300-species bird park in Butterworth, for RM15 per adult, but due to the time constrains, we will leave it for our next trip up north!

Blogger-readers, for more photos, visit :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lunch (daily) RM2.30 max!

No wonder it's cheaper to eat in than eat out. Healthy lagi :)

Cheap leh?

Here's the menu:
1. White rice (of course, that's staple for us Malaysians)
2. Honey-chicken sausage (3 sausages) with shallots (big onions)
3. Fried 3 eggs

All of the above for a mere RM2.30! WOW! Fresh, healthy, home-cooked!
Envious - sign up for a free meal HERE! Is there such a thing as a free meal?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am going into Politics ;)


Slashdot. Yeah rightt! Nah. It's just that I have been so inclined to reading non-mainstream news/content, so much so I have been reading so much stuff on Malaysian politics these days. Following jeffooi's blog, Oon's conversations with Jeff on ,etc and Raja Petra's interesting entries in Malaysia-Today...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Learn to Swim!

Just a little background and experience on me as a swimming coach. I have taught students (ranging from 5 years old to 50 years old) how to swim for more than 5 years now.

Within THREE(3) 45 minutes lessons, you will be able to swim! (My personal guarantee)

Within 10 classes, you will be able to swim 2 strokes, namely:
1. Freestyle
2. Breaststroke

Depending on your hardworking-ness to practise, you will be able to master all 4-strokes, including backstroke and butterfly in 20 lessons.

*My best student, 1-to-1 learnt 3 strokes in 8 lessons!" That's cause she practised daily lah!

My previous engagements include:
1. Sweat Club Mid Valley (now, California Fitness) - Head Swimming Coach
2. Blue Sea Pool, Klang
3. Misc condo/apartment swimming pools on request of swimming students.

RM220 per head. For TEN(10) lessons. 45 minutes each lesson.
Venue: At locations/swimming pools at your convenience.

Comment/email me if curious! feichai[at]gmail[dot]com

Monday, August 14, 2006

How ironic is this comic strip, courtesy of ebrowse: TheStar today

How I wish?!

Anyways, just fyi, I would sincerely like to play a 5 to 6hour, physical D&D. Call it a deprived childhood, a craving. But is there a RPGA local chapter in KL? Does anyone know?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Top 18 reasons why you should buy a Motorola 3G phone?

I got a new 3G phone!Thanks sayang!

Yayy!No more sloppy GPRS connections! No more 2 hour wifi! No more being asked to buy drinks & feelin obliged to(when using deli's wifi). 3G speeds in the comforts of my own bedroom! =)

Here's a low-down on my top 18 reasons:

1.My best point about the Motorola 3G phone-It charges* via USB!! (Hold up,hold up,i know some of u're probably gonna say,"so does mind!".. But are both sides usb to mini-usb.Nah! It's proprietory,unless it's a Motorola :))
2.Obviously,a usb to a mini-usb cable cost myr10 in your neighbourhood Low Yat store?!
3.It transfer data at usb speeds
4.I know this isn't fair but it charges & transfer data via usb!(turns the Moto into a 3G modem for any Operating System.Look ma,no bluetooth needed!)
5.U could use it as a brick and throw it at snatch thieves!
6.And if it drops,no worries,it's a Motorola,built tough for construction workers
7.Dual stereo speakers
8.Who's the ambassador? David "pet-squelling-high-pitch-voice" Beckham,of course
9.Who could say no to the hellomoto ringtone?
10.It's researched & designed in the US of America
11.Surf the Internet on 3G while on a video call* ;) Bet u didn't know THAT!
12.Record video call incoming visuals and incoming & outgoing audio* =) Bet u didn't know tat either =p
13.Swap the visuals of incoming to outgoing visuals from big to small DURING a video call*
14.It's wayyyy way more cost-friendly compared to an equivalent-featured Nokia 3G mobile phone
15.Switch between 2100 and 800/900Mhz WiTHOUT restarting your mobile!*
16.Charger comes in both USA 2-pin and UK 3-pin plugs(hellopalms)
17.Proprietory firmware-way way faster than Symbian OS
18.Remember who set the standards for clamshell phones? (Motorola International series + Startec)
This ones a bonus-Who hijacked my mtv 398? ;-)
And,which other manufacturer has phone operating systems in more than 5 flavours: Symbian UIQ,Motorola-proprietory, Linux, Windows Mobile & Java-proprietory? HelloMoto!

* - oh,if u're wonderin whether this is network dependant,No! It's not.The asterisks means tat the Nokia 3G phones CAN'T do it!

Not even the Nokia N91,with a usb port,can use usb to charge!

Eh!Forgot,i can email2update my blog =p

Thursday, August 10, 2006


My shortest post eva!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Simple Wish List - notebook bags :)

CRUMPLER. What a name for laptop bags! But I have to admit, coming from down under from the neighbourhood friendly Melb was a bit of a shocker. And them having one major retail shop in KLCC is a real shocker too! :)

But these bags are awesome dude! They rock. Word has it that an average crumpler can be used for 6 yrs! I dont suppose they have been around longer than that! Comes to show that brands like Teva tracking sandals are really worth the tot ;)

Apparently, these bags are much cheaper in this part of the woods (world) :D Not only that, they come with a 6 months swap warranty, and crumpler will repair your bags come what may for a mere RM25! That's for shipping back to Melb for ANY repairs. But sadly, the whole process will take minimum 2 months!

Finally, some bags on my right that goes by the name of "Sinking Barge" and "Customary Barge". I would like one of those, or one of each if anyone would care to sponsor them... as I am most definately a crumpler-convert!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Photos galore..

31st mixer @ AMC. Doesn't the photos rock! Superb quality ain't it? Thanks Croc!
31st mixers by Croc

THanks dk bandar utama for lovely shots of Mr. Cut and Paste :)
DKBU's photos