Friday, September 29, 2006

Jakarta 27 Oct - 29 Oct 2006

Jakarta, Indonesia trip.
Truly an experience! Reminder to blog about:
1. Work/takeover at PT Jakarta
2. Pan Pacific Hotel - Junkfood bar :)
3. Djarum big boss
4. CKM - Karaokes
5. Sze Chuan food
6. Drivers, labour, Toyotas (national car :D )

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What have I learnt today (month of Sept)?

Interesting enough. I learnt a few lives' lessons today!
1. I learnt that as animators, we have to read/dictate the story so that the kids learn how to pronounce words before they read to themselves or out loud.
2. It's interesting to see ME in YOUR eyes :D
3. Learnt that there's 2 self. Self-centred and Self-less
4. Work-In-Progress (WIP). We should promote EFFORT instead of RESULTS!!
5. HOPE: Purpose beyond our own life! Search for a meaning!
6. That CONCEPTS: Are pictures of the mind
7. To always explain new words/meaning with CONCRETE EXAMPLE.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday. Fun filled day

Swimming lessons. Family luncheon (BarBQ Plaza). YLM training (Book 3: "Walking the Straight Path") @ SEDS Malaysia. Kazzielah's dinner (Ian's farewell)

Swimming coaching/lessons that I give have always been a very fulfilling duty. Though a measly :P monetary gain, considering the fact that I have to travel from Wangsa Maju to USJ (Approx 40 km apart 1 way), it's very satisfying. I guess bringing out the "teacher" or educated or trainer in me has always been very fulfilling. I always take a sense of pride in inparting knowledge in the greater sense.. Having dwelled on teaching swimming since 1995, it has further manifested to training customer service representatives, and mobile phone dealers & retail assistants (more product training though). I have also taught programming languages in C and PHP to others in formal (still monetary gains) classes and 1 to 1 sessions. I guess, it's all my parents' fault - for rubbing off their educators' blood in me :D *beams*smiles*

BarBQ Plaza was truly a Thai experience, though I experience it in Sunway Pyramid. Boy, has Pyramid changed since I last went there, approx 1 year from today!

Training. What can I say. Previously schedule for a 2pm to 10pm session. Though the butt hurt!, it was truly a "grounding" experience! We managed to finish lessons 1-10, with another 10 more stories to go. Useful methodologies and concepts can be further furnished in a book that I will be co-authoring. Though I haven't got the book title out, here's a few ideas:

1. Youth: Purpose Beyond Your Own Life!
2. Youth: Different Yardsticks!
3. Youth vs. Parents: The Beauty of “ME” in Your Eyes
4. Promote Effort Instead of Results!
5. Polished Gems: Our Compass Of Live
6. Youth >Concepts. Values. Principles. Gems< Parents

Do let me know what you think, ya?

Then, it was my french-kissing buddy, Ian from South Africa whos leaving back to SA. Truly a friend indeed. He's going off to fulfill his calling to be a minister. No, not a minister in the prime ministers dept., but a minister, a Christian pastor (methodist). Did you know it takes 5 years of study + 1 year of practical to be a pastor in SA. I wish him smooth sails and all the best to WM, in terms of putting up with Kaz :D

No kitchen, wtf?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Cash is KING. Well, so is content!

Content is KING! As much as we would like to deny it. Content, be it everyday news, entertainment, shopping sales, price listing in Low Yat for the latest tech gadgets, all the channels on Astro.TV. That all boils down to content.

Let's see now. In a product, you Buy raw materials > Group them up together > Process these raw materials > Package them in nice looking boxes > Prepare a Marketing 360 campaign > Sell! No 2 ways about it. Of course, the different channels that you sell them, whether it's a direct model like or a model where there's "Manufaturer/Principle > Distributor > Dealers > End Uers" or a word by mouth process, it's just basic selling in different channels.

So, given a choice, where would you sit in? Of course, we are all end users to start off with, then we try to sell other end user stuff but becoming a small time dealer. Then, when we make enough money to commit on stocks/inventory, we become a distributor. But what everyone would like to do is control the manufacturing process. To control the product! Why does Apple make tons of money from selling the iPod and iBook and now the MacBook and iMac? Because they invested the hardware, got it manufactured and hung on to the Operating System. That basically goes to show that Apple is a manufacturer/principle.

Similarly, as a Service, content/services needs to be generated or created or manufactured. Of course, it has to be unique, have a nitch (no one else is doing it) for it to be truly successful! Therefore, if you hold rights to a franchise or a brand. Like how our good Tom Cruise/Wagner Production House owns rights to the Mission Impossible franchise, everyone HAS to pay you for it. Similarly to McDonald's and the other franchises.

But when I say Content is KING, I mean that content owners/generators/creators are KING. As they demand top notch cash! Look at Steven Spielberg and the likes of Survivor and Apprentice series; non other than Mark Burnett. Then there's people like Amazing Jerry Bruckheimer Race, who brought shows like CSI and Armageddon and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (not the best looking of guys compared to Mark Burnett) but absolutely fabulous at what he's doing. Some would remember his trademark, lightning that hits the tree at the end of every show he producers/directs.


P/S: Content is King. But only if it's lined with a Queen. :P


I Hate Social Networks

Something I found while surfing for Malaysian TechTV PowerON :) .. branding,etc.

It's BLaugh for a good laugh. Not too many though, but they have a 10% at Must be quite a influential or good traffic website ;)

This clearly shows why I "HAD" to join when dkbu sent me an invite :D

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Friendster vs Dogster all ryzing (WR)

What next Catster? Oh geez, a cute search on google reveals that Catster does exist.
In our Web Review (WB) today, we'll be looking at community websites that allow one to co-exist on the web. Sighting the days of 360 degress and the 6 degrees of separation theory. Of course, friendster has come to prove that everyone knows someone, somewhere on this universe called the Internet.

Unfortunately, I have deduced that friendster are a bunch of yuppy 13-18 year olds that update their website by giving terms like "Happy doing what I am doing" as their occupation, while sites like Orkut, by Google are community sites based on geographical representation. Namely Brazil, which in turn has got the Brazilian judiciary jumping up and down trying to haul Google into courts for the "badness" happening on Orkut (27M users, 65% from Brazil alone). But, more on that later. Sorta brings to the subject of tossing a stone in mid air and hitting a university graduate, anywhere in Malaysia, to a higher level :D

Similarly, sites like MySpace (107M users to date) which has exploded into the scene deals with issues at hand. Popular tv star / podcaster host of the famed TechTV show has approximated 12,500 friends in his list and growing. Not to mention that these social networking website are spawned up in the dozens! Most of them via subscription (somewhat like to increase your usability space on the websites), some of them free, but takes ages to load and some of them, just merely as a front for paid advertises.

Whatever it maybe, the Internet has evolved and exploded into Web 2.0, where decentralised, community-based services rule aka social networking and take control of your lives. P2P is on the rise, so are sites like YouTube, which I sincerely don't see a business model in there considering the fact that bandwidth is being chewed up so fast that bandwidth allocations payments are going sky-high.

Needless to say, as users, all these sites "help" us in certain extent to stay sane and connected. The Internet and the World has indeed became a better, yet smaller place to live in. With 24x7 Internet junkies online, sites like this will be here and will definately stay. Human's have this saying that "no man is an island". I guess if that particular island has a broadband connection and a laptop and unlimited power supply from the sun, a man on that island can still be an island with a "happy connected" man.

Boo Hoo Hoo.. my girlfriends not in town :(

Drowned myself with 3 movies continuously. 1 that I have watched, which i still love so much was Tokyo Drift (couldn't help myself because of all the Ridge Racer I have been playing with William on my PSP).

Then, there's an old flick which I didn't catch, which according to reviews and friends, this old flick stucks and isn't nice at all. Well, I didn't catch it when it was in the cinema, so I didn't know whether it was good, but being IT and all, I found it excellent cause it's one of those (Rule 1: Doctor is right, Rule 2: If doctor is wrong, please refer to Rule 1 crap!). Hence, it was an overall good, "logical" movie of Sonny and lotsa action!

Apart of the old flick and Tokyo Drift, there was also a new one. Those with a big heart (love) for Ocean's Eleven or 12, would love this movie!! Imagine Ocean's Eleven and multiply the suspense by 11 :P *Figure of speech!* Well, Inside Man is really a confusing show that needs lotsa ear attention :) But it's truly spectacular! A must watch!

Monday, September 04, 2006

What I am doing now? Charity Portal.PowerON.Co-authoring a book on Youths

What am I doing now?
1. Charity Portal
2. PowerON TechTV show
3. Co-authoring a book on Youths

How do I manage you ask? Well, thing of me as your girlfriend's superhero - lol! Anyways, having been on my own (career-wise) lately. It has taught me a lot about life. Never quit your job* unless you have another lined up, BEFORE you quit your job! Hahah.

The definition of a job* of course is defined as a 9-5pm work (office, desk job, career).

Oh course, you could have a job blogging as well, or working as a paid volunteer. Which in turn comes to my 1st point on Charity Portal. Having setup and existed by Kiwanis, nothing is done till today. Hence, my stepping in to utilize and drive it to higher existences as a "Community Journalist". Call it an NGO or NPO, or whatever that you must to give it a "box" name, but it's sole a centralised clearing house for volunteers, sponsors and ANY charity organizations. Well, CP is pending sponsors for sustainability - so that's temporary on hold.

As for PowerON. I think I have made substantial headroom. I have managed to secure a video blogging site, hosted by our friendly mobile phone review/selling mobile phone stuff website, It will host my episodes of PowerOn while I work on the free-to-air tv stations and Astro :P Any takers.. Anyways, renumerations for will come in many ways. One of it will be via donations similar to paypal, but on the online banking sphere. So, those online banking users, embrace technology as it is. For those not on online banking websites, there's always the possibilities of credit card payments via Visa or Mastercard :) (Remember, for everything ELSE, there's Mastercard! They forgot to mention that the everything ELSE includes PowerON) :)

Then, there's also this book that I will be writing. Would be glad to have preview sessions for chapters of the book for both individual responses or proof reading. It's a book on youths and the young leaders of today based on the workshop Young Leaders International that I am involved in. Though I haven't quite figured out what it will be called, hence the blank book image, it's targetting at the youths in general and for working adults that would like to see their young grow up, not just academically, but overall in terms of spiritual, emotional and mentality. It should cover somewhere in a region of 100 to 1,000 pages, depending on my mood :D