Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today is MY day!

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*Edit* Ya, for those noticed, I used tm.net email servers to post this post.

Though the day hasn't ended yet,i would like to thank my family for wishin me happy birthday at midnight!

My extended family,Alice. My loving gf, my former colleagues who celebrated my early birthday last night, sepetgirl and er for singing a birthday tune over the phone in their office, my buddhist brother Alex,and all the sms that came pouring in since 2am last night. Aud, my mui2,tony's mui2,bluurpie,sayang. Not forgettin my former colleagues, full-of-cheese-retail-exec, and my 2 chi-mui!
I thank u for the best wishes! Cheers. Feichai

Also, let's not forget my former supervisor/boss, Iris's family, Daniea's family and ZenZen :) I also think I forgot my psp kaki, chenzhi. And my ryze MMN fellow members' who wished me a happy birthday!

And all the cold email wishes from 5-10 different websites that automatically send birthday wishes :D

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New job. MY new noteboo

Started my new job with a trip to Jakarta, Day 00!
Life has been good. Topped up on salary a bit, focused in gold trading and a new notebook! Check out the size and specs. Though without a keyboard, but it's a dream come true to have a UMPC with is super-ultra-portable!

The Sony Vaio VGN-U8G. Remind me a lot of my Clie UX-50 I had in those days which came with bluetooth v1.2, WLAN 802.11b, 0.3Megapixel CCD camera and upgradable to 2GB running on Palm OS! Did I mention that it also came with a QWERTY keyboard that lights up from the back :D

Anyways, the Vaio VGN-U8G is on it's class of it own! Superb resolution of up to 1200x1000, touchscreen, WLAN 802.11g (54Mbps), and runs a full fledge Windows XP Professional! It's got a Firewire (Sony's iLink 400) powered access to a DVD+-RW!! Though less than 1GB in specs, it's packed with 20GB HDD! It's definately a UMPC worth having your hands on! Wanna try?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Orang Asli Settlement in KKB

1. My visit to KKB.
2. Meeting with Antares, the musician, Orang Asli :)
3. The "simple" & "contented" life

Watch out for some video on myspace or youtube.com Hi Mr Antares.
Too bad I didn't have extra pants and t-shirt, as the river looked so tempting. Cold water and fresh stream of cleansing water flowing down towards the KKB dam!

Thanks Daniel for the trip and sharing session.

Also, realised that from my birth dates 10-10-1979, I am suppose to be a teacher, helper, educator, counselor :) in this lifetime.