Monday, November 27, 2006

MY weekend. 25 Nov 2006

Here's my weekend in Malaysia :) So rushed. From USJ swimming at 9am, to Ampang for Turtle Rock concert and fund raising at International School KL, then back home in Klang, then dinner in KL again :) *phew* Such a mouth full!

Wedding of Sued Szer & hubby at Summer Palace (Tai Thong), opposite Damansara Intan.
They were registered last yr but this is the night of the "yam chao" session.
Pleasant parking experience and good food & service.

Had a RM10 haircut near Sri Damansara, where my swimming lessons were at, but delayed by 1 hour. So had additional time to get a trim :)

Got a new pair of shoes :P *repaired* Got 4 nails in my shoe :P

Maybank, Sri Damansara :D

Turtle Rock concert by teachers from International School KL (ISKL), Ampang. Fund raising for Prof Chan and KUSTEM in their turtle conservation. It was RM10 for the mid day exhibition and RM30 for concert where all proceeds go to SEATRU.

Friday, November 17, 2006

More photos of Jakarta (Canon 350D)

Construction of Hotel Indonesia - oldest hotel in Jakarta by a cigarette company. Guess which? Semporna? D'Jarum?

Everyone has a driver here. Cause labour is so cheap!

Buses as Mass trasportation (i.e. LRT in Malaysia or MRT in Singapore)

Hyatt Jakarta and Plaza Indonesia (supermarket:)

Khusus (especially) Busway (for busses) aka LRT.

National car/motobike :) Something like tut-tut from Thailand.

Everyone is a business man in Jakarta. Kids selling water, etc, on the streets, during a traffic jam :)

Pan Pacific. Where us staff stay :(

One of the many HUGE roundabouts.. :) Too bad the water fountains not on :P

Hyatt Jakarta.

Don't ask me why the photos are blue. Used a photo resizer to resize my Canon 350D photos and it turned out like this. *yawn* So lazy to take another shot of the same photos :P

Will upload more photos of my trip to Jakarta (again). Should be here till next Wednesday. Sorry ko, can't make it for your wedding luncheon. So sorry Alice :(

Sorry to my swimming students and also to the open houses that I have to miss. Missing you sayang too :*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hypothetical question...?

Would you mind being a garbage collector if you were paid millions a month?

Monday, November 13, 2006

New drive experience. BMW & MX5

What an experience!!

Did you know that the more expensive the car, the harder it is to figure out HOW to drive it :P Trust me, it took me at least 5 minutes to figure out how to start a 7 series Bimmer! And another 10 mins just to figure out how to engage into gear! Talk about paying for simplicity! Arrrgh! Such an embarassment. I think I will stick to a manual for now :)

"I had a first hand experience in "trying" to figure out to drive a BMW!"

This was followed by a 2-seater car, better known as the MX5 :) Momo steering compliments the analog dashboard. Oh course, this particular baby was equipped with all the digital meters that one could buy :)

Also, check out the short shift stick, Momo again obviously! What i reckoned about this car was that my feet was obviously too big for the small clutch and gas pedals. I keep hitting the brakes when I wanted to accelerate. And did I tell u, my first 10mins was also a pain - the 1st gear kept dying on me, due to the super-low clutch pedals and short stick! Talk about having to drive a nice car, but having your car jerk and engine die off after paying money at the toll booth. :D *chuckle* Such an embarassment!

I am sure there's a following of MX5s in Malaysia... here! Now, if only I could find the car keys to the MX5 i drove...

Friday, November 10, 2006

My day 10. Oct 2006

More photos of my birthday celebration:
1. Very good friends in Sri Kembangan
2. New colleagues in office with other October babies
3. Dinner with parents (at Zen, Sunway Pyramid)

Thanks all for the good wishes! And celebrating my 27 year old birthday! Old already wor.