Saturday, December 30, 2006

A...r + Buffalo Wings + Pan Pacific Regency

Trading food @ The Olive, Pan Pacific Regency. My colleagues - 1 awaiting a bus ride to Sg. Petani, another savouring a moment on the finger-liking-good Buffalo Chicken Wings, courtesy of chefs from Pan Pacific Regency KL.

We didn't have quite a choice as it was the eve eve of New Year and lotsa revellers were preparing to go back to their respective hometowns to celebrate the New Year!

The ambience was quiet and the KL sky looked gentle that night. Of course, Luna Bar had a RM50 cover charge that night, and it was packed to the brim. We wanted to go for charkueyteow near Utar in Wangsa Maju, but the jam on Ampang was horrendous. So we decided to eat somewhere near Pudu bus station before sending SY off.

There was even a pool table (free games?) that was hogged by some teens with their PSP accompanying them in tow.

As for us, we enjoyed some watermelon fruit juices, good food, understanding company and discussed my outcome of "annoucements", and updated ourselves on happenings surrounding our lives. Next stop, temple to approve a "nice" date. See you in 1st week of June, 2007!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Total Product Offering

1.My ability to Convert technology into applications
2.My level of patience with angry people
3.My ability to educate, teach, share expertise and impart knowledge With Others
4.MY resourceful ability
5.My sense of placement to get along With anyone including strangers
6.My Sponge ability to learn new things
7.MY curiosity that makes me try new things all the time
8.My 99% nature to not to be like the rest of the World!

Can anyone think of anymore?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wedding lunch in Muar

Uploaded pics from my 350D.

They are here... and here....

Friday, December 08, 2006

POP: Two Thrones

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones(Xbox), Revelations (PSP) and 486 ..

The old (check how old is old and how 2D the images are) and....

... and the NEW! Blurry images of my 3rd person view, taken from my birthday gift, E770 Motorola off my rented 29" Sony TV :D

Superb zoom OUT feature, compared to the PSP lack of viewing capabilities.

Climb in between walls. Something you can't do on the PSP.

Also, can:
1. Poke walls
This is such a cool feature in the game, apart from swinging along walls, walking along walls and walking up walls! Poking walls are done using your small knife and only on certain parts of the wall. It's where you climb towards a part of the wall and literally STAB a part of the wall where you just dangle your whole body's weight by the knife :P Cool right?

2. Swift attack
It's one of those swift silent attacks that you do when you sneak up upon your colleague and scare the living daylights outta their skulls! But this time in a silent fashion, with a small dagger (knife) ... he he he...

3. Sword Bleed
Didn't know that my secondary knife can bleed and lose power. Compared to the PSP, which you can use the secondary knife till you "accidentally" throw it towards an enemy! The secondary weapon now dies out if you hit the wall with it too often and you just lose the weapon till you pick it up a death guy!

4. etc
Did I mention to you that the loading time on the Xbox is so much faster than the PSP. And viewability of Prince of Persia on the Xbox is so much better compared to the limited banking view-ability on the PSP!

Now if only I can figure out how many save games I can have on my Xbox so that I don't even have to override a single one! It comes with a Hard Disk Drive you say... huh? :D

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I want this!!! 3 LCD A4 size

I thought 3 LCD screens wide landscaped was excellent. Imagine this...
3 LCD screens potrait sized!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Changing mailing addresses. MBB Credit Card

I finally took the trouble to change my mailing addresses for most of my bills (Celcom) and credit cards (MBB and Alliance). After all the hassle of troubling my ex-colleagues at I-Mobile, I decided to change it :P Sorry colleagues :P:P

Anyways, in my uptmost horror, when I called Maybank (that's Malaysian Bank, for you foreigners) customer services on the phone, I thought, yeah.. I could authenticate myself and give my mothers' maiden name and get this over with. But nnnooooooOoooOooOo, they say I don't have "phone banking" to get my address changed over the phone!

AND, what I need to do is to go to the nearest Maybank ATM to "apply" for phone banking. And with such, it will spit out a 16-digit code which I will need for authentications, THEN another 6-digit code as my password for phone banking. THEN, when I am done with all that, I can pick up my phone to call them AGAIN to change my address...



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dinner at Shangrila Lemon Garden

My best-est of colleagues, ex-colleagues, colleagues @ Lemon Garden Cafe dinner buffet.

Was too embarassed to take the photos of the chocolate fountain, but here's the outcome of super-chocolaty dips :)

Oysters, fresh oysters with lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.

American delight. Fresh vegetables, pototaes, etc

Super small salt and pepper shaker. It's more pepper shaker 80%, salt shaker 20%. Such a unique instrument. Too bad it couldn't fit into my bag :P

Prawns with BIG heads :D And sushi sashimi...

Salmon pizza, fine dining and smelly awful non-tasty cheese!

My belated birthday gift!

My ex-colleagues were guilty enough because of dinner that I bought them at Sri Petaling! And they ended up buying me a nice lovely tie and tie clip.

Thanks Amber, SY, KK and Kendra!