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I can't believe it myself. My path to becoming a prominent tech writer...
Here I am featured on , Malaysia's No. 1 Mobile Internet Website!

Friday, January 26, 2007

PSP 2nd hand games 4 SALE!

Brothers & Sisters: PSP UMD games for sale. 2nd hand games that I own... but not any longer (if you buy it)
Home cooked lunch - curry, vegerables, fish, ABC soup :)

Doesn't this make u feel like a school student again. 10 cent keropoks :)

But nowadays, with a salary, I think I manage to buy 1kg worth of keropoks (junk food!). hehe.

Seen here. Healthy lunch. But unhealthy dinner :)
Backdated Post: 1st January 2007!

Food and some scenery pictures.

The food eating gang!

How else to start the NEW year with a full tummy. Didn't quite enjoy the new year eve's bash 2006 as I was interupted, so 2006 ended a little earlier. Rest assure, 2007 started out with a bang! To my spare tired :)

We were at Pulau Carey with some ryzer. That's RO, my new found colleague. The rest are newly found friends from ryze MMN. What a small close knitted family.

Credit goes to Kong too for taking the photo - unfortunately, I don't have any photo of his existence at the seafood makan session. Sorry Kong!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sleepy head

When does a security guard sleep? Not on his job shift, I sure hope. But it's sad to see that most robberies to date are majority inside-jobs. But rest assure, this won't be an inside-job if one actually takes place.

It's unfortunate to see this state when security guards are meant to keep the premise safe and the patrons to a 24-hour machine-banking-service operation safe. And yet, once again, Malaysian Boleh!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I can't live without .. my Moto "Orange" Juice

USB jack for charging. Notice the green light on the right-hand

As a road warrior, mobile data user, tech writer, this tech gadget is a must have! It's cute, small enough to fit in your pocket, and it's as easy as it can get.What am I blabbing about?

Well, it's the latest glossy, rubber shell Motorola Juice, model number P790. It outputs what your USB mobile phone needs, 5V plus minus 0.25V at 550mA!

That's enough to charge most dead batteries by half!

Top view of Juice with a Malaysian 50 cent coin

In fact, it doesn't stop at Motorola USB charged phones, since its USB, it charges anything from Dopods, to iPods to any portable device that users USB power! Even your everyday I-Mobile by Samart phones :D

Juice taken with a 50 cent coin and GSC cinema stubs

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sony Bravia KLV-S40A10 LCD TV output! From a Vaio U8G

40 inches! Woohoo! 40 inches of real-estate for my U8G UMPC :) So much better than my 5" real estate! Yet, still, I had a sore neck for sitting too close to the LCD TV :P Check it out. Consumer Electronics always brings out the g33k in me :)) I sure wish I get to go to the CES Show in the states, at least once in my lifetime!

Here's a super close up view of my MSN, a Yahoo Messenger chat window and Firefox all rolls into 1, side by side from left to right. Also, notice Micro$0ft Excel in the backgrond! Awesome man. No more straining my eyes on the 5" SVGA screen for a day!

I tried going up to the max resolution of my Vaio to 1600 x 1200 but the Bravia spat out an error message and said that it was outta range. Apparently, the Bravia only manages up to 1366 x 768. Sad huh? :D It also doesn't have any inputs for HDMI. Upon checking, it's actually a end-2005 /early-2006 model.

Price range: MYR 10k +

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Steve, you had me at scrolling *chuckle*

Apple iPhone

Predictions are finally true! DIGG had it, every other website had it since Apple Computers (now Apple, Inc) registered over 200+ patents, ranging from multi-touch, to video iPod, accelerometers, OS X on a mobile device! Geez! Steve Jobs is truly a marketing person. I sure wish I could be on stage with him with a super big projector screen on our backs!! A must watch keynote to start 2007!

To have 3 huge names in the industry, namely CEO of Google: Dr. Eric Schmidt, Chief Yahoo: Jerry Yang, and Cingular CEO all raining praises about you is indeed an amazing feat! And everyone waiting for your keynote presentation JUST to come on stage for merely over 3 mins is amazing! John Mayer, who's a fixture at MacWorlds also featured 2 of his songs - bravo!

What can I say? I am truly speechless. Having worked with Nokia 3G phones for 1.5 years, Blackberry mobile phones for over .5 years, Philips, Moto and Huawei mobile phones and thinking that Nokia's user interface rocks, I need to rethink again after watching the hour long keynote! To have Steve Jobs pull the smartphones, namely the Blackberry BlackJack, Treo, E62 on his keynote presentation and find flaws in all of 'em was truly amazing!

How could one compare OS X (pronouced "ooh-s-ten") on a mobile device, Google Maps, IMAP Yahoo push email (FOC), 5 hours talk, 16 hours music, an accelerometre (1 of 3 sensors) that rotates between landscape and potrait automatically, widgets, full rich text emails, HTML Safari browser, 4GB/8GB iPod video/audio, pinching to enlarge photos and Web browsing, easy conferencing calls, no stylus (we were born with the ones usable on the iPhone! Our fingers!), with ANYTHING in this world today?!? Need I say more..

Anyways, thanks to Uncle Steve Jobs, I was able to complete my ironing of 1.5 weeks worth of shirts and I finally folded all my t-shirts :P Hahahahaha..

Well, I could go on and on and salivate over the iPhone, but we'll just be have to wait till Jun 2007 for a hands-on experience if I do ship one from the USA or probably wait till 2008 till it hits our shores *crap!*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nintendo DS Lite

If looks could kill.. That's the Nintendo DS Lite in action. NDSL to some. It's in Onyx (Jet Black), launched in Sept 2006 - if Wikipedia is right :P Supercards that reads miniSD and SuperPass - apparently the" Perfect Flash card boot-up solution"! And I am NOT quoting that cause I'm being sarcastic! It's truly their tagline! :)

New toy? Most definately! Would I recommend the next person to get one. NAH! Never in a million years! After having some 16:9 action on my PSP, this kiddish toy puts Nintendo (a gaming/console legend company) to shame!

Not only was it confusing to read up wtf slot 1 and slot 2 was for! It was also super-plastic-ky. If I didn't know better, Nintendo must have bought recycled plastic bottles from the uncle by the street that collects it from DBKL trash cans, with his kapcai!

Updated 2:03PM, 11-01-2007
heartbroken lar.. mine doesnt look that bad. and i like the games ok... quite nice. and the surface supposed to be glossy rite??? so it's not the recycled plastic ler
.where got.. recycled plastic is like the gayung (water scoop) that you use for bath in old times.. cracking sound??? hmm something must be wrong with ur nds lite..

Chat excerpts from an angry DS owner friend of mine :D

Anyways, I managed to play some NDLS games, namely, Bomberman, Ridge Racer, Zoo Keeper and Pokemon. I must admit. It's rather innovative to have Dual Screens as the name proclaims, where the bottom is a touch screen. It's quite a refreshing sight to have video in potrait. Graphics? Ehh... what graphics. Am totally upset with the graphics on this DSLite. I am sure Nintendo can do better. Apparently it comes with WeeFee as well, but I can't quite figure out how to operate it :P

"It's cute cute graphics mah.." Hmmm... i find it quite hard to shallow... but yeah, the graphics can be "rather" cute :P

Updated 2:05PM, 11-01-2007
u hvnt try the nice ones.
you shld try cooking mama, mario kart, touch detective, nintendogs, naimal world
that's a click sound.. not crack.. aiyoo...

Kinda like the Pokemon "racing" game. LOL!