Wednesday, February 28, 2007

23 Feb - 25 Feb 2007: Company Trip to Hong Kong & Shenzhen China

It was super hectic having a total of 28 people in a group travelling to Hong Kong on 3 different flights. Leaving at 0800, 0915 and 0950 on China Airlines, MAS Airlines and Cathay Pacific respectively. Logistics and people movements was put to the test, but I managed to not lose anyone :) We stayed in Royal Garden Hotel. We plush settings in Kowloon, about 40 minutes away from Hong Kong.

Above, a typical Hong Kong taxis that we normally see in Jackie Chan movies and their road signage in bright yellow, topped with a white arrow. The middle picture shows me imitating my colleague's son, Ryan with peace signs on both hands - posing in front of Stanley market.

The right most photo shows HK from the highest Peak in HK! It's such a landmark! Absolutely tight roads and corners up to the Peak, and I must say that bus drivers in HK are absolutely excellent and skillful drivers. The Peak is super chilly, until the Canon 30D that I was using was jerking with the wind!

Clockwise from the top-left: HK with signages hanging wildly (safe?) with neon lights! EA Sports booth featuring The SIMS, Burnout at The Peak Tower. Myself, my boss and colleague posing at the peak.

J & myself posing 'outside' of Disneyland Theme Park. Shenzhen and Shenzhen train station.

It was unfortunate that we didn't have enough time to visit Disneyland HK. It wasn't worth RM175 (peak period) for the 1 hour we had before our plane back to Msia. Fortunately, we managed to do some shopping at the famous Mongkok / Ladies & Men streets! Taste delicious HK noodles, and shop in Shenzhen, China!

It was truly an experiences. Now I am looking forward to visiting either Australia and more of Hong Kong, where the current company I am working with have offices there :))

Oh ya - and a Happy Chinese New Year! For those celebrating and thanks for the warm wishes and angpows :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

"Hiro" Nakamura = HEROES

If you digg Desperate Housewives, X-Files, Alias, 4400 (Forty-four-hundred) & Sin City: HEROES, the latest hit TV series on NBC is all those rolled into ONE!

Can't believe I watched 8 episodes STRAIGHT! (Approx 44 mins each) - without adverts la. Hi-Definition on DVD.

Didn't sleep till about 5am! Couldn't stop the DVD - I was spooked by Sylar!!

Promotional photograph of the main cast.
Multi-racial, multi-country cast. Indians, Japanese, Americans, Italians role playing

Some famous movie quotes (which I totally fell off the chair laughing) include one where Ando Masahashi (Hiro's sidekick & office colleague) mentions about the "superhero system". The scene shows Ando playing roulette & Ando trying to convince Hiro to stop time/space continuum so that Ando can win at the roulette table. Ando stresses that Hiro has to have a superhero system to earn money from casino wages, similar to Peter Parker that sells Spiderman photos for a living. ROTFL!!

The symbol
"saiyo" in Japanese, meaning great talent & Godsend (episode 12)

This call sign on all the heroes are absolutely ingenius! It looks like the Macromedia/Adobe Flash symbol/logo - lol! But it's definately gonna be a tattoo icon for 2007!