Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me, Myself and I

Zeroes (aka Heroes) in Morib, Selangor. Flying kite: literally! :))

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

.07%. Love & Hate relationship with Tim Kring!

I love his creation. I hate his reasoning to delay the series!
I loved episode 19. I hate that I have to wait 1 whole week for episode 20!?

The plot thickens and thickens. It's so nice that the executive producer leaves his viewers glued to our seats with really unpredicatable scenarios! (Don't read the spoilers awailable online laaa.. ).

Love the many many twist to the storyline. Can't wait for him to finish his story in Season 1. I hear that there's a whole new storyline in Season 2. *wonderful*

NOTE: P/S: .07% is the number of inhabitants in NYC :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

GPS: i-Blue 737 + MapKing v7 + Vaio U8G

i-Blue 737 Bluetooth GPS device, aka my new toy :)

Wedding Bells are in the air. 2-3rd June 2007.

Apart from that, my apologies for not posting lately as I have been totally busy with life :D

I think the device totally speaks for itself, having more than 4 reviews on major international websites (very rare for taiwanese products). Here's a few links:

It's ability to connect to 32-channels makes indoor use a breeze, not that you wanna identify where you're in your house, nor is your house big enough to be identified. Nevertheless, it's very accurate!

I haven't had a chance to test the battery life, but a good word on it's battery is that its using Nokia standard battery (BL-5C), which is being used by almost all Nokia phones to date, ranging from the 6600 till the 6680, even low end models, like the Nokia 1110 uses it. So no worries about gettin a spare battery, that is if you don't use the car charger given in the package! Also, since the unit charges with a USB mini-B connector, you can charge your Nokia phone battery in the GPS unit using a PC :) So it's really user-friendly!

Other key features is that it's smart enough to detect non-Bluetooth access and will turn off the GPS unit totally. Though smart, it can be considered too smart, as we Malaysian can typically be idle in a car for more than 1 minute (in a jam!), rendering the unit non-accessed via Bluetooth, and in turn turning it off :(

Nevertheless, it connects seamlessly in less than 1 min, no more waiting for the GPS unit to connect to the Navistar GPS Satellites while waiting for yer car to warm up.

3 thumbs up for this unit, right toe thumbs up laa