Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekends .. ATM, productive,

Friday (25 May 2007) - Dress try-outs at Man Kajang. Photos to be unveiled soon
enough... We look so majestic and pretty :)

Saturday (26 May 2007) - Shifted in cleaning equipment to PV6, Melati Utama. Went to pay the bedroom set at Sri Makro Puchong but ended up buying a leather recliner sofa set and a huge marble circular marble table that seats 6 (for our guest). Sounds like u right? (Hafiz & Eny). More shopping continued for lightings and fan in Puchong, Top Ten, just beside Tesco in Puchong till closing time, 9pm. Scrubbed down all 1500+ sq ft of flooring - absolutely tired but happy :D

Sunday - KDK fan installation & 2 pendaflour lights (kitchen & bathroom) successfully installed. 1 broken hook still left in the ceiling. Haha. Delivery boys delivered the sofa & dining table :) That's the only furniture we have in our place for now... More to come :) Ended with more shopping in Ace Hardware in Melawati :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

My 1st trip to Kota Bahru, Kelantan

Portable Drinks Stall
This men walks around with concoctions and makes fresh drinks with his hot water flash and cool water in the markets of Kota Bahru.

Nasi Dagang
Nasi Dagang is staple food for locals. Some call it blue rice? No?

Restaurant 69
What a funny name for a restaurant. Well, at least it sounds cute :)

Wii in KB, Kelantan
Here's part of my gifts (hantaran), a Nintendo Wii :)

1st round of Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure

Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure Malaysia
Team Name: TOad
Our profile shot! That's me being "Lost?!" and my brother being "Found!" with our entry on 8tv and our chance to win a trip to Europe (Prague and Rome!). Prague as an additional prize for the best video edit!

Extracts from NST:
"The big surprise though, for those who have signed up at is that the final 16, selected after auditions with 8TV, will be given the N95 for keeps instead of just the winners.

But that’s no reason to not want to win the race. There’s still the all-expense trip to Rome and also the special prize for Best Video Editing which is a similar trip to Prague —- where you should be sure to pack your N95 as well.

So on May 26, eight pairs of participants will team up with eight journalists and eight celebrities to form, yes, eight teams that will vie in a battle of discovery. Time and quality of completed tasks will decide who gets to Discover Rome/Prague."

Wish me luck! Onwards, forwards to Europe! Here we come!