Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Toyota Avanza..Build Tough!?

What a day starter.. Was rammed by a bike headin in the opposite direction along MRR2 on my way to work.Sigh.Repairs are amounting up to 7k.To claim? These were underage kids,without helmet,no license,riding with a younger pillion on the opposite side of the road! The kid conveniently forgot his dad's mobile number when asked and tried walking away right after the accident :-))

Monday, June 25, 2007

Try outs at Man Kajang

Official photos for the try outs at Man Kajang are finally out!

View them here....

Afaizal PBase

Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally *phew*

What a sigh of relief... *double sigh*

Conversion ... CHECK!

Wedding ... CHECK!

New Family Members ... CHECK!

Home deco ... CHECK!

Wife ... CHECK! *Hi sayang*

Chocolate Fountain ... CHECK!

Hehe. What a month! Everything happened all this month :)
Here's a rundown of sequence of events..

Here's also wishing everyone who sent their well-wishes in terms of moral support, help, sms, cash or in kind; a very big warm hug and thank you for your continuous support. We thank you and really appreciate all your contributions.

And to all of you who took the trouble to travel 8 hours by car, 10 hours by bus, lighter pocket by plane, I hope u enjoyed your stay in Kelantan, food at Four Seasons & New Horizon and most of all, took home something to remember from Kota Bahru! I can't thank you enough.

For those of you in town, do give us a buzz and drop by to our new residences at 3 Jalan Melati Utama. Will cook everyone a sumptuous meal!