Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My baby's birthday @ Avillion PD

They say pictures speak a thousand words, these speaks a google :)

Avillion Port Dickson

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coming back to a WARM dinner after a looong days work!

What more could a guy ask for...
Coming back to a love-filled home, with warm food present on the dining table :)

Warm "healthy" food I might add :)
Love u beb!

Last night we had beef spaghetti with mushrooms

And, fresh salad with thousand island dressing

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Public transport

Ever wondered why did that bus stop right in the middle of the road?
Ever wondered why escalators are so slow in Malaysia? Compared to the likes of Singapore?

Did you know that you can hop on any RapidKL Utama buses for a mere RM2 for the whole day!
All-Day Trunk Bus
RM 2.00

Well, now you know :D

Public transport in Malaysia is such a humbling experience. The number of commuters on the LRT, buses and Monorail each day are such a humbling experience.

Update 6 July 2007 10:35 A.M
I've also noticed lotsa people actually going in for work late. Unless they start work at 9:30P.M. like me. Way pass 10:15P.M., you still get LRT and monorail goes... Hmm. I wonder what time they actually start work. Considering the fact that most of us check our personal emails, make coffee/milo before we actually get down to work. What about those who read the typical comic strip before work :D Have a good working day! Its TGIF today! And we are off to a roadtrip tomorrow :) TI, here we come.