Monday, August 27, 2007

A day in Paris :)

After months being married, we finally went out for a movie. Apart from hosting weekend after weekends and dinner parties. We finally went out for 2 movies, both based in Paris! What a coincidence!

Totally enjoyed Ratatouille (the movie not the stew) and Rush Hour 3.

Rat-a-2-E was a totally refreshing. Who would to think a rat could be cute! I also tried out Ratatouille on the Nintendo Wii. Really cute and like the movie! Credits go to the makers of Ratatouille and its animators. To imagine they actually spents a week in Paris and in kitchens to learn the in and outs to cooking. That reminds me, note to myself: "Open my own restaurant/cafe" :D

But I still think that RH3 was over-rated. Though the actions and jokes were the usual Jackie Chan antics, some of them were totally unexpected., i.e. the over exaggerated jokes and actions. Jackie is nowadays a more laid back actor and since he ain't the director/producer of the RH franchise; wasting film in joking, fooling around isn't so much his issue no more :) He's just out to have fun!

Anyways, it was quite a restful Saturday.