Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fasting doing well. iPhones for Sales MYR$2999 each. GPS extended.

A lot of my friends has been asking about the following 3 things, and I thought I do justice to all:
1) Fasting
2) iPhone availability in Msia
3) GPS extended report

Yes! 15 days and counting. And yet, I haven't skipped a day. They say that once you have crossed the half way mark, you will do well :) And I have. Thanks kawan2 semua for all the support. And Afza: No. (1) I don't steal, No. (2) I don't eat :P

iPhone Availability in Msia
Yes, it's available. Yes, it works with Msian SIM. Helping a friend sell at RM$2,999 for the 8GB model. I have personally tested it and it works fine with all Malaysian operators (be it maxis, DiGi or Celcom), but works better with 512K SIMs only. Sounds kinda weird when you walk to an operator customer service representative and ask for a downgrade from a 512K to a 128K when everyone is upgrading. Oh well, the power of marketing of the Apple iPhone.

GPS Extended Report
I have been testing out several products and I find that my current setup of a screen (PDA running Windows Mobile) connected via Bluetooth to my external GPS transceiver works best.

Having played with the Garmin (which is a dedicated device) was quite cool too. More dedicated and no more hassles of Bluetooth connections nor charging 2 devices! Though having worked with Nokia 3G handsets for 1.5 years, I am yet to try the GPS navigation+software on the Nokia phones that come with GPS. I must say, maps are becoming more and more updated (with Mapking, TM, etc) coming into picture.

Lately, I heard of a particular GPS dedicated unit, powered by TM maps being sold in Carrefour/Tesco :) Averaging at RM1,000-RM1,500? It's super good that it's becoming more pervasive as then it opens up more doors for more GPS applications+services. Some of which I can think off are traffic reporting via GPS, more food and entertainment locations by users for users (BUFU not FUBU :D), etc. Well, there's also the blind community who could use this to locate the nearest taxi and even parents tracking their young ones at school. The skies the limit when we talk about technology.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone, myPhone on my MAXIS in Malaysia

Ever wondered whether the iPhone can be used to make calls and sms in Malaysia? Wonder no more!
Calls and SMS works like a charm.
The 8th wonder of the world!

Brief review here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

1st time fasting (month of Ramadhan)

Fasting by a Muslim Chinese

Haha. I think the title speaks leaps and bounds. It's my 1st time, and I am shitting in my pants. I know I have fasted before during my numerous meditations retreats, but this time, it's different, as not even water is allowed during the fasting of a whole 1 month period. And during meditation retreats, u don't have to exert your body so much as you are as a zombie, doing walking and sitting meditation.

This is basically doing your everyday routine and at the same time fasting. It's gonna be a challenge and a good one. Well wishes and sms all made my start of this auspicious month (i heard the devil/satan is chained up this month), hence any evil deed/thought/action would be done by oneself and oneself alone!

My wife cooked the chicken kurma a night before to reheat in the morning. The vege was washed and peeled with the garlic the night before :) Oh cource, my lovely wife also played a very important role, coaching me and assuring me that fasting is gonna be smooth through out this 29-30 day period.

Below are some of the cheeky sms-es I received from fellow friends (mostly from the mobile industry) where sms-es are so proficient and cheap and MALAS (lazy)!! Haha Nizam :D

1. Anak pak dollah mkn ketupat, mkn ketupat sambil melompat, nak hantaq kad raya dah xsempat, pakai SMS pun ok what? Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin.
2. Tiada hari seindah Jumaat, Tiada kata seindah Zikir, Tiada ibadah seindah Solat, Tiada bulan seindah Ramadhan. Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak.
3. Senyap x bererti hilang, Diam x bererti lupa, Jauh x bererti putus, Antara kita ada ikatan, kita samer samer umat Islam.
4. Sentiasa setting niat, Upgrade Iman, Download Sabar, Upload usaha, Delete dosa, Update doa & Top Up Ilmu, Supaya dapatlah REDEEM Pahala byk2!Selamat Berpuasa. (from my chinese muslim friend from the mobile industry)
5. Kian berlabuh tirai Syaaban, Lambaian Ramadhan kian dinanti, Luhur hati ikhlas amalan, Semoga segala ibadat Allah berkati. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak.
6. Kalau terasa nak buat jahat dlm bulan puasa tanyalah iman tentu iman kata x boleh... jgn tanya aiman nanti dia kata aiman x kisah... :) (I think u malay goes would love this *from the radio advert*)

After sahur (eating to prepare for the days fast), and subuh (before dawn) prayers, we played scrabble on 2 Microsoft Mobile devices via Infrared which was pretty cool but pretty difficult whenever we wanted to point the IRs to each other :P

And this morning, though a bit groggy driving to work, I managed to message all my new found Muslim brothers and sisters. And what supporting words and sms/messages they had for me. All very uplifting and supportive. I thank you.

In my heart, all well wishes goes out to those in suffering, hunger and poverty, as this is how you feel throughout your lives. I am blessed with lotsa everything, and I hope to give back to society no matter what race, gender or background.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Burfday Hafiz!!

Birthday boy lighting his own candles :)

Lovely family posing with the chief chef (yummmy chicken rice). Sorry didn't take photos of the chicken rice!

Remy posing with his migraine cause we couldn't eat yet!! Haha

Early chicken rice eater :P So that mummy can eat.

Abracadabra.. or was it baklava from Iraq! So sweet!

Straight from Iraq. Next weekend, we might have someone cooking Iraqi dishes for us to savour! Tummy, here we come! :D