Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best experience at Toyota Service Centre Sg Besi

Toyota Sg Besi's Nasi Lemak heating machine

My car, The Star newspapers & breakfast (in top down representation)

Though this outlet/service centre is runned by MTR Auto, it's one of the best Toyota Service Centers around! Ad mist the servicing, they had fresh refreshments (which is a norm in other service centers) but this one had fresh breakfast (be it nasi lemak or mee goreng) in a heated up compartment. Which was nice since the other outlets only had dry biscuits & such.

Ain't sure whether they had this new thing installed in other service centers but its truly a blessing since I would be forking out around 700MYR for my 30,000km service :P Waiting was such an ease, since I got some work done for PowerOn and some surfing in.