Saturday, July 26, 2008

Roma Birth Wheel Trials ;)

Just nice. Some shorter women will have a problem with the size of the RBW :D

No TV for giving birth in the RBW room :P

The many positions while on the Roma Birth Wheel. Roma's actually the inventors baby's name :)
Normal delivery bed with clamps for your feet

After our 4-session pregnancy class at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, we were taken for a guided tour around the post-natal wards and delivery room.

We also finally got the chance to see in real life the Roma Birth Wheel. RBW is a typical case of natural birth + the safety of a hospital environment. Some of the benefits of it include the ability of the mother to tilt, move, swing the whole wheel so that she's in a comfy position. On top of that, mid wives and nurses and even the doctor has more access to the delivering mother, from the sides and the back.

Now, the choice is yours sayang...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swam 14 laps this morning! Yayy!

21 days and it becomes a habit :)
A start to a healthy body and fresh mind to come ...

Baby BOY updates v3

That's baby's feet on his face!

Baby's heartbeats and image

That's baby closing his eyes with his hands - "malu" (shy)

Original image to the one with blue+red highlights

16 July 2008 - Ampang Puteri, KL.
Baby boy is healthy. Heart beats' ok. Mummy's a-okay as well.

Though baby is not in his normal position for a normal natural birth, Dr Fauziah has little to worry about as it may change anytime. There's some signs of the cord around his neck area, so we were told not to have any massages nor "urut" for mummy.

Oh well, there goes Pangkor Laut's famous massages :D