Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yayyy! Puasa penuh! I guess its not such a big of a deal to many but for me, being a muslim convert and fasting for the 2nd time in my entire life and having to complete all the days in Ramadhan means so much more to me. Though, I have been thinking of quitting halfway cause my wife was pregnant and stopped fasting after a week, i was strong willed and did it alone (in my home).

It's all paid off.

But unfortunately, its Raya in the hospital for us, as baby Mikael needs another day to recoup after coming out of the incubator and off oxygen and glucose drips. Mummy is fine and has been discharged on Monday but we stayed on to be near Mikael :) A small price to pay to celebrate Raya with the family. But who's complaining!

See you soon, nasi minyak... err... i meant, grandparents :)

Selamat Hari Raya to all. Sorry for all our wrongdoings, if any.

v11: 15ml of EBM!!! Thanks mummy. Love you!

I couldn't believe my eyes! 15ml of EBM! It was liquid gold! Not as in petrol, but similar to Shell pumps having insufficient la.  At least I carried it to the nursery like liquid gold laa.. cause it's time consuming and painful to extract. Kesian mummy, sacrificing her body for Mikael :)

My wife managed to express more than 15ml of EBM this morning! I am so proud of her! Thanks to her reading online about Oats & Breast feeding mothers milk - I bought some from Giant and she's on Anmum. Also, some secret concoction from Sister Sujatha helped :) Thanks to all.

Also, her mum has started her on her confinement period - so it was haruan and keli for supper last night. Thanks ma!

Just waiting for the chinese side of things, like red dates, ginger, bla bla bla :)

P/S: Oh, just found a website that can be accessed in Ampang Puteri. Apparently, they blocked youtube, google video using their proxy. Too many people streaming and slowing down the bandwidth kut.

Monday, September 29, 2008

v10: EBM :) 5ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml!!

Medela swing is an excellent portable 4 AA (using my brand new Casio Eneloops now) battery operated breast pump. Easy to use and comes with a cute yellow interface, all packed in a flatten sphere. 

Having said that, my wifey has successfully expressed her breast milk today - 4 times!! And her breast are engorged as well! (18-SX) Weee! We started EBM or Expressed Breast Milk at 1:30pm, 4:30pm and supposely at 7:30pm! (But was done at 9pm!) Not sure whether the nurses were too lazy during break fast or they just "purposely" forgot. But nevertheless, our next sessions are at 12am, 3am and 6am. So instead of relying of the remainder to make out 15ml per feeding on formula milk, we are targetting 15ml for either the 3am or 6am feeding!

Wish us all the best!

Oh, and best wishes goes out to Sister Sujatha and her son Deepashree Saravanan. She has been a source of motivation and positive encourage, offering her time to help Zaini. We will definitely be looking forward to her daughter's 1 year birthday in Nov!

28 Sept: Choices, choices, tough decisions

4am nurses at work

Baby in incubator this morning with an eye patch to shield from the UV rays

Not to worry u but just to update u.Our baby was admitted to nursery mid mornin due to insufficient breast milk (hypo), low glucose level 0.8 @ 4am (3.4 at 5am as he was on drips). But he's stable now & is now in an oxygen incubator with photo lights. He was also turnin blue on
his face & feet (he was too cold in our room) but the wonderful FIVE (5) nurses managed to make it all ok at 4am! Zaini slept off at 6am and is still gettin rest now.

Update: Baby's jaundice is 15mg/dL though. High since the normal level is less than 10 (<10mg/dl)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

v9: Doctor visits Zaini

Great news! Mother's abdomen is doing well and chances are she'll be discharging tomorrow (Monday 29 Sept 2008)!! And we can all Raya at home :)

Baby is doing much better at breastfeeding. He's gotten the hang of it and suckles even tighter and latches on on a bigger area, which gives him more sucking power! Talk about power in your hands. Ni power in your mouth :)

All's well. We shifted to a new room, single bed with a balcony (dirty one!) yesterday afternoon and the privacy has helped a fair bit. Daddy has also gotten enough sleep, so he's rested. Slept with mummy for the last 2 hours before sahur and after subuh prayers, had the whole bed to himself while baby was washed/showered and powdered.

Oh, we are also awaiting for the blood test (for jaundice) at 11AM. Fingers crossed. Love u all. Thanks for all the generous support and warm wishes :) *beams with joy*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

v8: Baby Mikael: Jaundice. Crying. Ampang Puteri

Today was a day full of worries and surprises.

Oh well. It's late. Haven't had much sleep for the past 5 days, especially the last 2 days - only had 1-2hours of sleep due to breast feeding every 2 hours, assisting my wife + baby boy by lifting him and swaddling him in a huge cloth which seems to engulf him :)

He's down with 9mg/dL of bilirubin and they wanted to admit him to the nursery. Father put his foot down even with 3 different 2nd opinions. Until a kind doctor friend, Kay (thanks Hallaj & Kay) made us realize that it's better say than never. Thanks for coming over and advising us!

Also, a big thank you to both our parents, family members, SMS-es, FB messages, blog comments and all the friends that took time off their precious weekend to come over :)

It was indeed a very emotional day deciding between "medically necessary" and "principle". Sometimes, private hospital staff jump on the smallest of things. Reasons like "other parents are afraid of poking their babies for blood test" and "wanna take baby back for Hari Raya celebrations" are some things that are not medical reasons to me. And so what if the hospital is low in staff during celebration time, it's still 247 and there's still at least 10 different private hospitals state wide. So, peps, do your R&D on doctors that care about what you want and not monetary solely.

But rest assure, we did all we could to make everyone as comfy as possible, as they always say, only the best for baby :)

v7 Mikael Wong ... ...

Baby has been successfully breastfeeding the whole night thru. Every 2
hours once. Hence mummy and daddy having not enough sleep. Mummy has
been recovering very well. She can walk to the toilet already. Baby
had a bath this morning and his BCG jab. Mommy also had her sponge
bath this morning. Her parents will be coming soon. Uncles and auntie
as well :)

Adrian Wong

v6: 4:50am + 6:30am breast feeding session

We tried breast feeding baby again at 10 to 5am and he drank a wee bit only. Then burped and farted a bit and tried to go back to sleep.

But I learnt that an indication of whether a newborn is hungry is to test it out with daddy's finger. If baby has the tendency to suckle on it, it means he's hungry.

Guess it's gonna be 2 hour naps for both of us from now till 3 months time. This is due to the fact that baby's tummy is small, hence he requires smaller meals and more frequent. Wish us luck :) How I wish I had a fast charger, like mobile phones and rechargeable batteries.

v5: Poo Poo :)

Guess what? My first touch of shit. I remember a joke...
Guy 1: Looks like shit
Guy 2: Feels like shit *while putting a finger on it*
Guy 3: Hmm, taste like it as well! *happily putting it in his mouth*
Guy 1: Must be shit la :)

Anyways, at 2:30AM, Baby Mikael had his first poo poo :) And I touched it!! Haha. We tried breast feeding him for his 4th time at 2AM (after my supper with Doa - bumped into him at the mamak at 12:45AM as he's standing by with his mum at Ampang Puteri on the 4th floor), and we were wondering why he started crying. I thought it was the way I swaddled her him in the cloth. But apparently it was poop that was so dark brown in color!

So congrats mum and dad, baby's intestines and bowels are working a-okay :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

v4 Baby Mikael

Baby was asleep and we woke him up at 11:32PM. He latched onto mummy's breast and is now suckling away :) How happy parents we are with both baby and mummy, drinking and producing respectively ;)

Gotta go look for something to eat to sahur (eat before fasting) tomorrow morning at 4:30AM. 

Loong Saturday as we have at least 10-15 family and friends scheduled to visit :) 

Selamat Hari Raya to all and travel safe! We'll be spending Raya with the immigrants (legal/illegal) in KL :D *joke*

Baby Mikael v3

Baby has been breastfed for 2 times now, once at 4pm+ and another time at 7pm (buka puasa with daddy). He's accepting milk well and mummy is producing as well. Demand and supply. Mummy has been very patient when breast feeding. And baby has been latching on fine. With lotsa fluids in his body, he's still seen to be spitting them out. The 2nd breast feeding time, he actually spat out the 1st rounds milk, but a bit only :)

So far, baby has been sleeping and we found one defect on his face... he's got a dimple! And only on his right cheek! Will snap a photo when I get a chance.

Anyways, it's 11:20PM now even though clock in our room still shows 8:45. It's been showing that since we moved into this room - apparently its broken / without a battery :P

I have completed a simple 24 mins edit, and will try to compress to upload by tonight. At the moment, our spirits are all high and we are ecstatic!! Can't wait to be parents to our baby boy.

Gtg! Baby needs his 3rd breast feeding session after all the guest (parents-in-law, in laws, Afza & Syaban) have left! Oh ya, and I need to check his diapers now... *yucks* Rather leave out THAT detail :)

Photos: Baby Mikael

Baby Mikael Wong

Does he have daddy's eyes? Or mummy's hair? :D

Baby updates v2

Baby is currently having slightly low body temperature and slightly
low glucose level. So he's waiting it out in the nursery for glucose
feedin every 1 hour.

Baby updates v1

Mikael was successfully delivered at 11:02am today,26Sept at
2.15kgs.Both mother and baby boy r healthy :)) Thanks 4 all the well
wishes.Ampang Puteri@Room 316


Baby Mikael Wong

And daddy ;))

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Mikael will be brought into this world tomoro (26 Sept 2008)

My wife will be going in for a c-section tomoro (26 Sept) morning due to baby being underweight + no significant growth for the past 1 week + reducing amniotic fluid. No cause to worry but both mummy and baby are healthy now :)

Hence, it's safer to have baby outside to control + monitor his food intake + nutrition.

Wish us luck :)

Adrian & Zaini and soon, baby Mikael :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm rearing a butterfly

It was first a butterfly, now it's 2 growing pupas :)
It started off as a small 1/2 cm caterpillar. Now, it's an inch and it has mounted themselves and turning into a pupa :)

Butterfly's lifecycle..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Possible "birthday" gifts. 101010 :)

It's that time of the year again, when you start feeling wiser and older at the same time. Nevertheless, being wiser and smarter is a matter of 2 pigeons: a male & a female (eaten at the same time).. but has to be of equal proportionate weight (For babies: 2 pigeons, For feichai: Hmm.. *still calculating* number of pigeons.

I am afterall getting a new baby boy for my birthday - and what a gift that is from God :) Thanks sayang!

Anyways, back to the point of this post. I have contemplated on many many gifts, so here's a list to help you guys out:
1) Bright-red 16GB iPod (to store my contacts + play games + listen to music + watch Motion 3 tutorials) [But then again, I don't even take public transport. I have a stereo at home (1 in the living room, 1 in the hall, 1 in the kitchen, 1 on my phone, 1 on my psp, 2 PCs, sigh).] - so do i really "need" it?
2) iPod 32GB Touch (so that I can do more, like surf the net for news, blog sites, reply emails, check on recipes online + all of the above {item no. 1}. [Then again, I have a notebook to do that, my HSDPA phone to do that mobile, my Wii/PS3 to surf]
3) RM999 SD Panasonic Video Camera (so that i can record the birth of my child and play around with it by mounting it outside my car + shoot my latest feature film + do home videos of baby Mikael Wong) [But then again, I have access to 2 miniDV digital cameras: 1 Panasonic & 1 Sony CR-HC21E]
4) A bicycle! (so that I can exercise and cycle around in parks + save on fuel + enjoy the breeze) [But then again, I have a car, access to a 2nd car and there's a swimming pool which I only dip into it once in a blue moon - and mind u, a blue moon rarely happens!]
5) An IPstar BA 1M Gold package for RM1,200/month. Installation fee of RM3,500 for East Malaysia & deposits of RM2,000 and a 1-time registration of RM300 :D That's initial up front payment of RM7,000 (inclusive of 1st month rental!) (so that I can work from my wife's hometown during her confinement period) [But then again, I could just drive 20km to access 1Mbps downloads/512Kbps uploads for free! Or utilizing 2.5G on my Motorola with Celcom 3G]
Tough choices eh? When your wants are many and your means of satisfying them are next to none :)

But I think, the best birthday present ever would be for my wife to have a pleasant, normal childbirth, where our newest member of the family is healthy, happy and in good spirits. Amin to that :)

Wong Family Vacation 2008: YTL's Pangkor Laut Resort

30 July - 1 August 2008

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

View from my SOHO

Check out my office view

Here's the view from my office desk! :D Neat huh?

Monday, September 08, 2008

New toy for Sept 2008

Manuals as thick as a dictionary!

After getting the MBP, it's time to load 'em up with original software :)

9 DVD installers! Over 40GB of pure joy! FCP6, Motion3, Wee!

Now, I can sleep with a peaceful mind :) Thanks ko! Especially, now that it's Ramadhan, a very holy month indeed! 8 days down, another 12+ to go! :D Raya, here we come.

Already started decorations around the house as we'll be expecting my parents-in-law for this raya! Then, graduating to be a father in Oct :D

JomBali at Tesco Selayang - I like! :D

It was our 1st trip to Tesco Extra Selayang. And during Ramadhan, Tesco was giving out bubur :) Nice!

We spent so many hours there, as there was just so much to see, so many products, walking space, etc that we totally forgot about time and had dinner there. Beats the stress we get from shopping at Tesco Ampang.

Anyways, we found this lil' food haven at Tesco Selayang, and it's called JomBali. Very delicious and affordable food! Enjoy :D

JomBali tables :)
Store Front. Notice the words being covered by their serving table :P
Kuey Teow Goreng - Indonesia style RM6.90 only!
Bee Hoon Goreng (Fried Bee Hoon) with Chicken Curry RM6.90
This is a pleasant surprise: It's called "Egg in the Face"