Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mummy & Baby's first day out~

We actually took 30 mins just to get ready to go downstairs to our car. Another 30 mins just to setup the car seat, totaling a whole 1 hour just to get baby ready to go out ;)

It's been exactly 1 whole month that Zaini has been confined in the house. Our normal Jusco Alpha Angle trip which normally takes 1hours max took 4 hours in total for lunch at Nando's + in-car feeding (cause Jusco Alpha Angle is not baby friendly - no diaper changing area as well) + 2 diaper changes in the back seat of my car!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newborn swimming!

Being an avid swimming and a swim instructor, I was compelled to look this up. And what do you know. The web is filled with parents teaching their newborn to swim as early as 1 week old (associated content website). Too early some may say. But mind you, your newborn has been living in a water filled bag for 9 months! How's that for swimming. 

Here's something I found from our local fronts, Green Bebe based in Penang, which I am quite compelled to buy the swim ring and the swimming pool :)

Baby Blues (feichai or comic strip)

My wife loves Baby Blues. Not just any baby blues, but the comic strip linked from my title.
Nevertheless, it's been baby blues for us too! 

Lotsa late nights, 2-3 hours sleep in between and lotsa diapers in the trash. But who's complaining! Apart from having insufficient sleep, I think its all worth it! That baby Mikael is gettin the right among of breast milk, sleep and poo. All in a days work for lil' baby Mikael.

Don't we want the life of a baby? Eat, sleep, eat somemore, poo, have your dirty crap cleaned by someone, showered by, eat and sleep somemore :) That's the heavenly life eh?

Anyways, just thought we share with you with regards to baby's schedule. Yes yes, we used technology and excel mobile quite heavily (being from ICT). Haha. We have his feeding times, which breast & quantity if it's EBM :) 

I hear its gonna only last for 1-2 months. We'll see..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby's umbilical cord dropped today!

After 3 weeks, baby Mikael has stopped crying completely when we change his diapers. All because his umbilical cord dropped off this evening.

Sorry peps for not updating my blog lately. Been on a 2-3 hours sleep cycle. Waking up whenever mummy needs to breast feed baby!

Changing diapers and clearing his poo. Somehow or another, it's easier for me to change diapers rather than shower him. I don't mind messing with shit but more difficult with clean water. Guess it's a hard to change habit of mine to defer showering even myself! But I love swimming. Weird huh? Maybe I love swimming cause then, I don't need to shower. HAHAH!

Full Moon 24th & 26th


Baby shower on the 24th, Friday, dinner time @ Melati Utama.
Or for those who can't make it on Friday, there's another one in Klang.
26th Sunday, lunch time in Palm Grove, Klang.

Come one, come all. But please inform us in advance so that we can prepare some grup. Thanks :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Videos @ Photobucket

These are photos shot by my very own brother-in-law, Ahmad Faizal, a professional photojournalist who will be launching a photobook, soon-to-be-released.

Video courtesy of 
Taken by Tony Wong/Adrian Wong & AFaizal

Cot - check! Stroller - check! Bottles - check!

Took me about 40 mins to setup the baby cot. Haven't had time since we bought it! *phew* What a back breaker!

Also put together an Anakku baby springer .. really don't know what's it call. A photo is definitely needs. Thanks Bu Kar!

To top it all off, my parents-in-law's place in Kelantan got broken into.

And my sister-in-law wasn't let in by the guards at my apartment, PV6. 

What an eventful day it is. And it hasn't ended yet as, at 4AM, my wife will be breast feeding baby Mikael. But if she's too tired, i would have to do it from a bottle with the milk she has already extracted. Talk about sleeping 2 hours. But, i do sincerely enjoy the pleasures of being a father.. for the first time :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baby's HOME :D

Finally. The Wong family got home safe at around 2pm :))

Baby Mikael Wong soundly asleep in my mum's made mattress and pillows (stuffed cotton)

Back patting baby after breast feeding

v12: 30ml and 28ml! Woohoo!

Who would to think that I would be so happy to see milk, not just any milk but milk expressed from my wife :) For my baby, who's currently still in the nursery.

It was 30ml & 28ml respectively in 1 seating! She's just a fantastic women!

To imagine we just joked about her being a "cow" when Azah and my brother came today. Then again, it's better than being called "lembu" (cow in malay language) :P

v12: 30ml and 28ml! Woohoo!