Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My iPod Touch Gen.2 looks like this ...

Notice that all the Applications & Games are freeware except Baby Log which I purchased from the iTunes Malaysia Store for USD$4.99! Which we use daily so its worth the purchase.

The rest are fortunately free! And its so easy to download and install from the iPod Touch itself! Yet to fully download all the applications/games/utilities but I am already on my 8th screen (each screen has a 4x4 matrix of icons). Imagine that! And the iTunes store gets updated daily and new apps are added. No more PSP for me :D

Baby Mikael is 3.9kg

We just had baby Mikael's vaccination today. He had a 6-in-1. DPT, anti polio, Hep B, HIB Meningitis. DPT is already a 3-in-1.

And he's also put on weight. Thanks to mummy's breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle ;)

We're still at Ampang Puteri waiting for baby's medication, fever medication. Just in case he breaks into a fever today. But thankfully, right after the jab, he screamed for a short while and went straight to sleep... ZzzZzzzz. Haha!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

iPod Touch: App store. Baby Log for USD$4.99

The Touch and the opening of the Malaysian Apple App Store and the experience that comes along with it has been fantastic!

Free apps to download from the Apple Touch itself, and being able to install and use it there and then differentiaties the Windows Mobile apps and the Symbian apps a mile apart! It's so easy and such a no brainer. Browse for an app, read it's info, peek at it's screenshoot, BUY > USD$4.99 > DONE! Brings you back to your home screen while it process to download and install itself. No credit card details hassle as it's all been embedded in iTunes and my Touch since day 01.

And I tell you, this Baby Log app has been a life saviour. It keeps track of diaper changing times, poop or not, breast feeding times and which breast and allows one to email a text delimited file :) Super cool for a RM20 app which we use every 2 hours min. Hence we get a
"management report" of his average diaper usage and total sleep. How's that for statistic analysis.

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Beauty thing about mothers milk

To imagine, God created mothers' so perfect. If It was me, I would panic when baby Mikael screams and cries for milk while frantically try to calm him down while I thaw, heat, bottle mum's expressed milk for him to drink.

And all my wife has to do is shuffle her breast feeding bra, and out comes fresh, slightly heated, sweet fresh beast milk, just nice for baby! Talk about instant noodles but I think maggi would lose hands down to mothers in the instant milk department.

Kudos to all mothers out there!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Primary 1K - SRK La Salle Klang

Can you believe I have my Primary school photos :) You better! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby blooms :)

Baby Mikael is now 3.2kgs and growing. Apart from heading up to Genting last week (12-13th Nov 2008), we had some other things blooming in our balcony :)

Enjoy.. unfortunately, my Dill didn't make it out from my nursery :D

Jasmine flowers in abundance

My tomato plant overlooking PV5

Tomatoes relative to a RM10 note

Growing bigger everyday

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baby Mikael's 1st swimming lessons

Yes, he does look a bit freaked out. But then again, no pain, no gain right..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

3some. Baby Mikael + 3 girls in BED!!

There goes Baby Mikael's political career! Caught in bed with 3 ladies at 39 days!

Wait till i *smack* you in the head while you are sleeping :)

Oh noOooOooOoo, she's awake! Better keep my hands to myself :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Baby Mikael (updates)

Sincere apologies for non-updates. Been packed up with baby Mikael's full moon (photos on on the 26 of Oct. A huge number turned up despite my invites being on facebook, my blog and YM's status message. Sorry for those who didn't stay tuned as both parents were too tired to invite individually. Plus to my non-chinese friends, we'll do another do just for ya, k?

Attached, a picture guide to baby Mikael's progress. He's about 2.8-3kgs now. Though we haven't been to the doctors, we did self weigh him. We too, have been going on outings, so yayy! To both mother & baby - being confined in the house for over 30-days, we have been to Desa Park City, Isetan @ KLCC, HUKM, The Curve, Jusco Alpha Angle (in no particular order). Yayy!

Grandparents with Baby Mikael

Photo of myself when I was young

Does Baby Mikael look like daddy (when he was young?)

Yayy! My hands are free! No more swaddle!