Saturday, January 24, 2009

popping popcorn

Dried Corn Kernels
RM2.20 from the dried stuffs section. Jusco AU2

1/3 a cup of DCKs. Looks like bird feed :D

I was so anxious that I opened the lid and some popcorn actually flew outta the lid!
Only 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil (Coconut Oil or Canola also can), and salt to taste.

Finished after less than 2 mins! There's a 30 seconds non-heat rule though!

2 full bowls of fresh hot homemade popcorn :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today in the life of Adrian, Mikael, Melati :) in no particular order

Our new door decorations :) Happy CNY readers!! Give us a call if you're dropping by for angpows :D

2 cold cut meat + cheese + salad leaves + forgot my homegrown tomatoes + mustard + chilli sauce.

Baby's new activity - catch the hippo :)

Always a happy camper!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Mikael Photologs (Courtesy of Uncle Tony)

Photos taken by Uncle Tony. I realized that only SLR has shutter speeds fast enough to capture expression. Time to save up!

I love my fingers! Maybe I should start dieting :P

Sheer joy and delight!

Looks rather obscene! Middle fingering Uncle Tony and his SLR!

Ultimate bliss - so happy till Uncle Tony captured his eyes wide open -.- NOT!

Scream and shout! In joy obviously!

Smiles all around :)

Daddy feeding :) Notice baby Mikael trying to hold the bottle :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eng Eng's Godfamily Reunion 2009

Many firsts for this year. My God-sister, Eng Eng decided to throw a buffet Dim Sum at WestLake Chinese Restaurant @ Sunway Hotel on the 10th of Jan 2009. Here's part 1 of the video:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pressies. Mummy and daddy ;)

Mummy and daddy got presents today!

Mummy got:
1) Medela freestyles spare parts
2) Freestyles tubing
3) Pumping pal
So now mummy can pump twice as fast, 2 b*e*st at one go! Handsfree! Even while driving! Google Medela Freestyle to check the videos out.

Daddy got:
1) Ironman on Blu-ray
2) Batman: Dark Knight on Blu-ray
3) John Mayer on Blu-ray
Yayy! Also met a nice gentleman at Pioneers flagship store in Desa Parkcity. Very like minded and has a freaking 200 inch fullHD projector! All for a mere RM13,000. Wow I tell you!

Now if only I could find a wall big enough! Haha.

Also, we are learning towards the Lascal M1 baby carrier rather than the Baby Bjorn Synergy due to it's back support and extra 2kg baby weigh support feature.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Many firsts (1st-es)

1. Baby Mikael now has a habit of sucking his thumbs (actually his whole hand) which some of you readers (I know you're reading) might know by now. But the many 1st's would be that he sucks it and actually puts himself to sleep these day - lighting my job as a SAHD/WAHD :)

2. Mummy had a daily record of EBM! She actually expressed 365ml (approx 12 ounces) yesterday! She claims it's the spinach she ate! Whatever it is, it's good news for both Mikael and our wallets :)

*somethings wrong with the photos upload, will try again later*

Btw, found this video on google regarding SAHDs :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Baby Mikael updates (lost count)

Baby Mikael is approx 3months + 2weeks old. And I must say that he is quite a little angel these days. Doesn't sleep much during the daytime but sleeps for 4-5 hours at nights. Which is great as I only need max 4 hours of sleep :) He helps out with meal times too but sucking on his thumb and fingers (more like sucking on his whole arm! LOL). Uses less than 5 diapers on certain days and can last approx 5 hours without a change :)

Uncle Tony enjoying a 1-on-1 session feeding with EBM :) Potential father in the making. But potential babysitter for now :P

Of course, every feeding time is bribed with some play time :) Uncle Tony bonding with his fav nephew :D Notice that the point n' shoot camera focused on my kitchen instead of the people (time for a new SLR :D)

Baby Mikael watching TV all by himself. Notice the "boss" in the making with his right arm resting on the side support! :))

Tok Ayah (Kelantanese for grandpa) saying his sayonara as he flies back to Kota Bahru.

Hafiz, Daniea, Mikael, Daniel (L to R). Daniel is 2 day older than Mikael but check out how he's in middleweight categories and Mikael is still in lightweight :)

Videos of Uncle Tony having a conversation:

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Baby Room in Sunway Pyramid 2 rocks!

Koala baby changing area :)

Playpen for elder brothers/sisters

Another angle

The washing basin has 2 levels (1 for the little ones). And even Anakku handwash :)

Our 1st trip to the Sunway Pyramid 2 was a blessing as the baby rooms were so "warm" and well equipped. I'll let the photos speak for itself. Warm was only in 1 of the rooms where the automatic push button doors weren't working, hence the air conditioning too.

But the rest of the B*e*st feeding rooms were a little too cold for newborns. Thank God that baby Mikael is better, now that he's bigger and stronger :) He's approx 4.5kgs+ now!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Top 10: SAHD

This is simply hilarious!

1. Shaving is now optional
2. Naps – sometimes two a day!
3. Get to talk like Cookie Monster and no one looks at you funny
4. The commute rocks
5. Watching cartoons is completely acceptable
6. More time to read the classics: Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs & Ham
7. You get to build things with blocks
8. You’re only stressed when you miss a nap
9. Deadlines, we don’t need no stinking deadlines
10. The new boss is easily amused

No resemblance or speaking-from-experience claim ya