Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mikael Wong speaks to himself :)

Baby Talk... literally!

Mikael Wong 4 to 5 months updates

It's been a whirlwind for us parents since 10 Feb 2009, as baby Mikael was down with running nose, sore throat and a slight fever. Like us adults, he couldn't really sleep, couldn't really drink EBM nor breast milk as he was have a sore throat, so he cried and cried. Fortunately, with immense vitamin and supplements intake by moo-mie dearest, Mika managed to heal (without meds - aka 1.5ml of paracetamol and 1 week of antibiotics).

Unfortunately, way before Dr Azima got her Medijaring, my wife had to change to PMCare and Dr Azima is selling off her practice to move to Putrajaya with her hubby. Time to scour for another friendly-family-clinic :)

Also, we actually signed up for a Sign Say and Play demo class, conducted by Jamie Solomon the other Sat, Valentine's Day and it was baby Mikael's one play session with 5 other babies. But all of them were already 12-18 months of age, making him the youngest participants. We learnt about the lesson plan and a couple of songs and some animal signs. He truly enjoyed his time there and so did mummy and daddy :)

Since then, I have started a month to month collection of photos, antics, videos of him talking etc on Facebook. Here's the start, 4 to 5 months collection.

Baby Mikael extremely happy in his green Bumbo ;)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Mikael started off sleeping on his back. Then during the daytime, he would be sleeping on his tummy. And now, since Mummy has been feeding him on his side, he likes feeding sleeping on his side.

The next photo series shows how he sleeps off step-by-step from milk > play > sleep > Thanks Aunt Zetti and Uncle Tobi for the musical doggie :)

STEP1: Milk after shower ... so cool, like big boss lying down with elbow rest. lol

STEP2: Getting comfy!

STEP3: Listening intently to musical doggie & smiling [gift courtesy of Uncle Tobi and Aunty Zetti from Germany] :)

STEP4: ZzzZzzZzzzZ!