Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend. Here we come!

Doesn't this look like a wedding venue of your dreams?

Happy 7 months birthday! 3 days late!

Time flies so very fast! Next thing you know it, he's off to Uni :D
Was gonna blog on his 7th month birthday but it just came and went just like that. Anyways, "blog exclusive" video is up! Watch Mikael trying to stand (with side support of course) on his own with his own 2 hands and 2 legs! Amazing! I actually had him try to stand in the shower tub, so this Japanese chair allowed me to film him on a tripod :) Cute eh?

* It's blog exclusive so you won't see it on facebook! ... YET! :P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Mikael photos

Baby Mikael can now seat up but we've to prop him up first :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Many firsts

Firstly, 410ml EBM pumped today!! Woohoo! 240+110+60 in breakdown. Those fenugreek pills and unrip papaya soup is really working. Comes to show that when there's a will there's a way. Alhamdulillah.

2 hours and 22 mins of sleep! Those were the days when baby Mika used to sleep for more than 3 hours straight. These days, we would be lucky that he'll sleep for more than 31minutes! Today he slept for over 2 hours!! Yayy!

Also, wifey managed to sort out my Streamyx email. So watch this space. Gonna use it aka twitter style. Gonna blog from my trusty E770 Motorola. and email more baby photos ;)

God, and can u believe I'm already lying in bed before midnight?! Must be cause I'm saying energy for my weekend movie date. Talentime, here we come.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby drinks 110ml+ per feeding

Lately, after passing his 6 months point, Mikael has been drinking
over 110ml plus of EBM, so that meant that moomie had to express more

Previously she was doing 120ml+ per session. So, with the help of
fenugreek pills from GNC, it increased by 30ml per session. Then,
fenugreek + white radish soup yeild another 30ml increase. Hence, per
session output was now 180ml+.

We didn't stop there as Mikael was drinking at least 330ml+ per
day(when mummy is at work). So we tried a Chinese concoction, unrip
papaya and kurau fish soup. Guess what, it yeilded 280ml+ per
session!! Mummy said that she could have done 300ml+ on that sitting
if it wasn't for the air escaping from the swing-freestyle hack ;)

Alhamdulillah, baby will have sufficient milk even if mummy pumps once
a day!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random *funny* photos

I couldn't help laughing when Mikael was up to his antics yesterday :) Though I share it with ya all :)

He's starting to suck his toes :) Hahaha

He loves the cranes (birds) that grandma made into a mobile. She's so creative and good with her hands. We used thread and tied them to 3 clothes hangers. Mikael's actually lying down on a portable diaper changing station (by Early Years).

Our most prized purchase. *all worth it* He sleeps like a log in it allowing us to shop :) He can even sleep face down on it! (Peg Perego Pliko P3), which some strollers can't even sleep lying down. These days, we have left his baby carrier/car seat in the car :P

Hahaha! I am gonna get murdered for publishing this but we managed to carry him up into my car's backspace to let Mikael continue his sleep. 
*Wheels locked and I drove extremely safe*

Sunday: Day Trip to Awana Genting

We had the opportunity to have our meals covered for breakfast and lunch last Sunday, 5th of April 2009 by some very good friends :) By the time we were done with our breakfast buffet, we didn't have space for anymore food during lunch. But we did tuck a few pieces of hot buns and cold cut turkeys while enjoying the cool breeze at Genting.

We kicked off after 4 hours of sleep the night before for our 35 mins ride to Awana. Unfortunately the cable car service was down so we didn't manage to make the trip to the top eventhough there were bus and we could have driven up.

Below, some shots of our babies having fun! 

Totally love this shot of Daniel and Mikael each with their teethers :)

Daniel and Mikael making friends :) Both were born 2 days apart. That's koko Daniel for you, Mikael :)

Friendly, nicer baby feeding room @ Parkson Alamanda

Last Saturday, after masala tea and ghee tosai @ Batu Caves for breakfast (with Mikael's grandpa and grandma), we headed for a swim at Cyberjaya, at Uncle Tony's place in Cyberview Lodge. Photos HERE (on Facebook).

For lunch, we headed over to Alamanda and spent some time with the Wong family. I must say that both Alamanda and Parkson have nice baby changing and feeding rooms but we prefer the one in Parkson (though a little hard/hidden corner, to find) but nicer and not so smelly as Alamanda's.

Photo roll after this jump.. *jump* :)

How can you not consider a snail as your mirror cute? :P All equipped with kettle and all sorts of hand and bottle wash :)

Their colorful changing areas with colorful lightings

It's so baby-like that even the walls have wood frills in awesome colors! Can we have baby Mikael's room looking like this moo-mie?

Haha. Baby trying to be ahead of moo-nie :) Even the sofa is multi-colored. Google loses hands down to Parkson's baby room at Alamanda, Putrajaya!

UPDATE: Oh btw, it's tucked beside the customer service area, near the baby/kids stuff. It's also a Parkson staff entrance (I stand corrected).