Monday, September 28, 2009

Mikael's third 1 year old birthday celebration - Grandparents' @ Klang (official photos)

Photos courtesy of Uncle Tony & Aunty Alice. Clickable for hi-res :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mikael's third 1 year old birthday celebration - Grandparents' @ Klang

THIRD birthday celebration!

All dressed up for a "party"
Haha - this time it was in Klang and Mikael's grandparents *insisted* on celebrating it! Thanks dad & mum!

We had a blast with food from all corners of Klang & Australia. Mum baked a cheese-durian cake for Mikael, along with nasi lemak+kuih+pau+a birthday pie (cake)!

Aunty Alice + Uncle Tony did cheese sandwiches which I dont' remember tasting. Aunty Jasmine from Aussie-land made kisch & yam cakes. Another aunty make gula melaka balls. And there was so many kuih I couldn't remember :D

Mikael totally enjoyed himself playing with all his relatives and cousins until he fell asleep as soon as he sat in the car to head back to KL. He loved all his presents, especially the "bus" toy and monkey-zoo thingee :) Thank you all for the lovely pressies and angpows!

It was totally a blast and daddy contributed by hand painting him a birthday banner! Happy Birthday my son! Love lots!

Uncle Tony's & Aunty Alice's lovely 12-month gift!

Everyone having a blast!

Toys in abundance!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mikael's second 1 year old birthday celebration - Dish Deli @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We stumbled upon this place when we were Googling for baby food & how to cook 'em. Dish Deli @ Solaris @ Mont Kiara serves blast frozen baby food (from 6 months - 12 months and up to 18months :P).

So, we decided to take Mikael for his first restaurant meal and what a joyous occasion it was! He had the Sweet Veggie Medley (sweet potatoes + pumpkins + carrots) for his birthday along with toys on a nice little carpet to play on the floor.

I gotta the admit that the place is quite tastefully done - with diaper changing area and baby friendly stools to stand on to wash hands (sink) and 3-4 baby chairs.

Toys were also aplenty and the food (though small in helpings) were quite tasty! Plus the door to the gents was a little too springy and hard to open - especially difficult if you have a baby on hand being carried to wash his hands :)

Daddy had the lamb lancashire and mummy had the hummus with veggie dips and the Cottage Pie. Absolutely yummy! I will let the photos speak for itself :)

Cottage Pie

Lamb Lancashire

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mikael's first 1 year old birthday celebration - Kota Bahru

With Raya 2009, came a birthday! Mikael's! He turned 1 on 26th Sept and had the privilege to celebrate it the 21st (2nd day of Raya) with 3 other September babies (namely, Kak Wati, Efi and Ipar). It was truly a family affair with Ayah Long's branded homemade cake and Secret Recipe's so-so banana cake (the only variety they had! as they had multiple orders for Raya day).

We have party packs (chocolates, cloud9, kandos, sweets & balloons). All our nieces were sugar high but truly enjoyed themselves. It was unfortunately that ma had to see the doctors for a jab the night before :( But, all's well when we had kepcei (KFC) sponsored by Ayah Long! Thanks!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Azah comes to visit: Mikael 11months ;)

Azah from 3R was kind enough to pop by to share some of her precious time with lil' Mikael during Ramadhan :) Some photos of them warming up with each other :)

Azah teaching Mikael twinkle2 little star :)

Smiling for the cameras ;)

Mikael starting to warm up :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

16 healthy tomatoes in a pot. 3 red and ready to be eaten :)

16 healthy tomatoes in a pot. 3 red and ready to be eaten :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mikael Wong on solids: Sweet Potato

Mikael Wong's video recording of sweet potato for lunch:

Mikael Wong watching Iqra on my Mac

Recorded him using Photo Booth :) Obviously enjoying himself while looking at himself on screen...