Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepavali Open House with dad's student, Majlis Kesyukuran & Raya makan2

Dad's student who's the CEO/MD of IJM had a Deepavali Open House. And what great delicious food we had! There was even fried tenggiri, curry laksa, murtabak (bit size) and yummy freshly cooked CKT!

Sya & Shay's Majlis Kesyukuran @ Old Klang Road, behind Rockwills

Mikael playing pikaboo while soon-to-be Haji Afza enjoys his food!

One happy "blue" family :)
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Deepavali Celebration @ Puvinder's house - Yumz!

Deepavali chef! Puvinder cooked all those dishes you see :D

Asha did the kolam by hand without any outline :)

Pretty mango leaves to dispel evil!

Mikael @ Dinner @ Tropicana City Mall (Eat N' Run)

Mikael & his faces @ TCM @ Eat N' Run - its run by a Chinese Muslim convert :D
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Oct 2009: Mikael all around

Mikael with his new "walker" toy that picks up blocks as he pushes

Mikael playing with Mr Sunshine

He's so angelic when sleeeeping
Daddy's green fingers - grow baby grow!

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