Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mikael's first drum lessons

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Sleeping through the night and a first overnight weekend in Klang

Like it or not, but ever since having a son, our lives has changes.
From husband-wife to parents and caregivers. It's neither been tough
nor easy but it's truly been fun. We are now actually living our lives
thru the eyes of a 1.4 year old. We see things in new light as how he
sees things and believe me, it's the simple things in life that are so
basic that make it all so pure and fascinating. A simple piece of
paper/envelope can be minutes, if not hours or pure joy. Keys can be a
rattler and even an instructional tool to place things were it was
picked up. Keyholes places to insert keys and holding hands gripping
tightly so not to fall while washing legs in the toilet. Exploring and
Mikael's inquisitive nature has been quite fun to watch. We're blessed.

He not been sick. He been eating and napping well and beginning the
month of March 2010, he's been sleeping through the night ;) sleeps on
an average at 10-11pm and sleeps through all the way to 8-9am. Much
deserved sleep on top of the 1-2hour naps he gets during the day. Did
I mention that all our assets (blogs, facebook, SMS) are all dedicated
to him and he's literally taking a big space in our lives ;) No
complains though as we love him to bits and love spending time with him.

March, 1st week was also the 1st weekend he spent a overnighter in his
grandparents' place in Klang. He vomitted a bit according to them, but
largely due to non-stop over eating. From fruits to biscuits to jelly.
Haha. The. Went back to sleep while grandma changed his soiled
clothes ;)

Anyways, we've got another 5 months to go and Mikael has been coping
really well with his brother/sister on the way. He's been very
adorable pointing out "baby" whenever we ask him, "Where's baby?" and
he always ends the pointing with a soft gentle kiss on mummy's belly.
Cute, eh?

Anyways, our lives are so busy with Mikael and our lives so much so we
actually managed to catch 2 movies over last weekend, Solomon Kane and
Up In The Air. Both 80% movies from rottentomatoes. Though short (2
hours in duration), we had fun just indulging ourselves. Mamak at
Doraisamy till 2:30am in the morning, breakfast at our old dating
place snd just leisurely reading the Sunday newspapers. Bliss.

Thanks for reading and being par of our extended family, friend ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

And a round or 2 like Mohammad Ali :) totally engrossed in hand gestures

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Now that Mikael is a bit older, he can now enjoy a round of baseball on the Wii :)

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