Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mikael and Maisarah's 1st bus ride. 2nd train ride for Mikael

Our ride took us to UIM from Gombak station and back. Mikael enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the bus. Especially the roaring of the engine, the driver, the door opening and shut, and the bells on the bus when the passengers sounded it to alight the bus.

Family picture. Mikael looked rather confused and worried. Kept saying "scared scared" when the bus first started moving.

Maisarah can sleep about anywhere these days. Even with the hot humid and sunny Malaysian weather. All sweaty here :D

Mikael observing the train tracks and the loud sounds the screeching of the LRT made whenever it took corners.

Happy Maisarah with Mummy Z on the LRT. Maisarah's 1st LRT ride.

Mikael still looking rather confused and "new" to the morning train ride.


sheahnee said...

Nice blog you have here Adrian. Good to see you so happy with your lovely family :-)

feichai said...

Thanks for visiting :) Zara looks adorable and congrats on your matrimony!