Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY 2011

Day05 and still going strong. Got a popiah lunch party tomorrow and having some guests over for late tea/early dinner on Day06 and Z's family on Day07. Then meeting up with friends on Day09 and an aqiqah on Day13. Apparently chap goh meh (Day15) is a public holiday.

Anyways CNY 2012 is the most travelled CNY according to my mum. Here's where we went thru CNY 2011.

Day01: Klang, PJ Auntie, dinner in Klang (leftovers from reunion dinner)
Day02: Berkeley, Setia Alam and Paragon Heights, dinner in Putrajaya Seafood
Day03: Sg Nipah, Seremban and dinner in the middle of nowhere - lol!
Day04: Setapak, PV6 and dinner at Hj Sharin Low @ Ampang
Day05: Banting and Bagan Lalang for the beach and steamboat dinner at Sepang Goldcoast


I guess the photo speaks volumes about the week that passed but there's another week to go for CNY 2012! Happy Chinese New Year to all and do drop me a comment just to say hi - would like to know whether anyone is still/actually reading :p thanks!